30 April 2009

Wot?! Me?! You little stinka!

Man, it was so fun at the Calgary Expo! Big thank you to Kandrix and Laurie and everyone for their wonderful hospitality. We hope to come back next year.

Thank you, everyone for cruising by the table to say howdy.
I'm not sure what happened more...the many Michaels that came to the table or the Spider-man head sketches I drew during the con. HAHAHA

I was having fun drawing the half Peter/half Spidey faces in people's books because I was messing around with some expressions of Spidey while showing what emotions reflect Petey's underneath the mask.

I thought I'd share some I drew in people's (Spread The Cheeks) books today, before mailing them out.

Hope y'all digs!

23 April 2009

These 4 They...

Man, I had a blast in Florida.

I first hung out with my high school homies, in Tampa, bowling, and going to the Rays, and Yankees game. Good times good times....

Afterwards, I then rolled up to Orlando to get my kick it on, at the FX Show. Thank you, everyone for poppin by and saying howdy.

The evening events were very fun, too. One of the events was Drink and Draw, hosted by the LA crew. In Orlando I attended one for the first time. I've tried my hardest to flee from the LA ones, and who woulda thunk they would corner me and hold me by pencil point to partake in it?! Those vicious savages. HAHAHAHA

Here's 2 of the 7 or 8 that I drew. I haven't drawn like this in awhile, but it was a first with white-out. I'm thinking I'll do more. it was so fun!

This is of Hellboy, and my buddy, Tim Townsend.

I couldn't resist to draw the ladies men, Dan Panosian, and Jim Mahfood (the 3rd one in the line-up).

See you all in Calgary this weekend, at the Calgary Expo!!

Hope y'all digs!

10 April 2009

My 2009 artbook cover; Cheeks: UNCLENCHED

Heya, folks...

I just wrapped up the cover to my new 2009 artbook; Cheeks UNCLENCHED, so here it be. :)

The font and placement of it is just temporary, so don't beat it up too much

Hope y'all digs!

all Bastion's 7 characters © Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

07 April 2009

Brain Freeze and my 2009 artbook title contest winner

For this line-up of DC characters I wanted to keep the lines loose, as well as the coloring.

Aight y'izall ready for more important news?!!!!!

Firstly, thank you all for participating in the my contest. I think I busted a rib or 3 going over your suggested titles.

It was very tough to narrow it down just to these.

SO the new title for my 2009's artbook is..... drum roll please!

Cheeks: Unclenched

I chose Charco to be the winner because I felt he kept it simple, straight, to the point, and clever with the double entendre.

Like I promised... there's a surprise, a twist, or what have you.

Although Charco will get 2 books... I am also honoring the next 2 runner ups with a copy each. You have the option of choosing between my current 2008 "Spread the Cheeks" The art of Sean Galloway, or the 2009 Artbook "Cheeks: Unclenched" (which will be out in July).

The 2 runner ups are:

Runner up 1)Zhinzia- Cheeks: Stare into them.

Runner up 2) pumml-Cheeks: Crammed

Winner and runner ups, please hit me up with a note for more details.

Thank you, everyone for making this super fun!

Who luffs ya? I luffs ya. Big times.

Hope y'all digs!

06 April 2009

And the winner of my new artbook title goes to...

Wouldn't you like to know?!!! HAHAHAHA

Just teasin, y'all... hey, it's not that serious. Put that shiv down, fella. Kick it to me...
*burns the shiv with heat ray vision, after retrieving it*

Ok...lemme first say thank you to everyone who gave their title entries!! Man... you all rock! And just to throw it out there... you all DID NOT make this easy on me.

How I will decide on the winner is if there were several times the same title was used then I gauge it to whomever typed their idea first.
The final results are still being processed, so I'll write up another journal to let y'all in on the update, and with some good news, too. Cool?

Aight.... huddle huddle huddle.. Good games to you, to you and to.....mmmmmmmmmmhmmmm you.


01 April 2009

Artbook Title Contest

Heya, thugs, and thugettes.

Thank you all for poppin in and dropping love.

Aight... Here's the scoop. I am opening the gates to you all to come up with a title for my 2009 artbook. The requirement is that it has to have a clever way to include my nickname "Cheeks".

Ya see, I can come up with clever, snazzy names for my annual artbooks for years to come, but where's the fun in that if I do it by myself, right? Everyone, say it with me together, "RIIGGGGGGHT?"

How it works is, whomever I choose as the winner will get 2 free copies of the book, signed, and with a head-sketch. One copy for you and one copy for any friend or family I choose... ahem.. I mean you choose. As a bonus, if it wows me, I'll include a photograph bookmark of me lying on my tummy staring at you, and 9x12 Glamour Shot of my ug-mug signed "XOXOXO"

I know! I know! What a frickin sweet deal right? If you feel that this is just too generous of a gesture from me, and you don't feel right taking advantage of me, and you only want to accept 2 free copies of the book signed, and with a head-sketch, (one copy for you and one copy for any friend or family), then I can't push the rest of the party gifts on you.

Now... I'm sure most of you who've picked up my artbooks over the past 4 years figured out the theme for every one of them. However, I'll let ya know for those who've missed out.

My books from oldest to newest were called:

1)Got Cheeks?
2)Had Cheeks Want More?
3)Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks (Vol.1 and Vol.2)
4)Spread the Cheeks
5) ...(What will this year's be?) I've already come up with 2, so you can't use them "Dirty Cheeks", "Love Between The Cheeks".

I'll make my final decision Monday.

God Bless, good luck, keep it above the belt, and may the champion come forward.