30 September 2009

My no hit wonder...

Heya, gangalicious!!!!!

Thought ya might dig hearing my no hit wonder I recorded.... Let me know if I have any future in singing! HAHAHA

CLICK >>> no-hit-wonder

Take a listen if ya got a minute.

Luff ya,

28 September 2009

The Hunt For Doc Ock Contest

I am having the darndest time finding the time to track down a Doc Ock (wave 7), of the Spectacular Spider-man Animated series.

This recently released version is what I'm looking for:

I am devoting a contest to whomever the 1st person is that can track down Doc Ock (wave 7) and be WILLING to part with it.

The prize:
The winner has the choice of winning either a my 2008 artbook Spread the Cheeks or my 2009 artbook Cheeks:UNCLENCHED artbook from me. In the book you decide on I'll draw headshots of 5 characters from the Spectacular Spider-man Animated series.

The requirements:
Proof of product. The proof of it is it has to be a photo of you holding the Doc Ock figure in it's untampered packaging. Once I declare the winner we can set up shipping details. When I receive the item, then I will send out the artbook of your choice: Spread the Cheeks or Cheeks:UNCLENCHED.

Thank you in advance, everyone!

Who's ready to hunt?!

Good luck!

26 September 2009

CTN Animation Expo

If you have any other plans in November other than Thanksgiving, then it should be CTN Animation Expo. It's presented by The Creative Talent Network. What's this all about? Now how did I know you'd ask? Let me give ya the 411.

Stuart Ng of Stuart Ng Books (my secret place to get all my hard to get overseas books!) and CTN Animation Expo has invited a ton of amazing talents and myself to be part of something incredible.

What is it? Keep your pants... I'm getting to it. ;P

The scoop:
The event takes place on Nov 20-22, 2009
and it's being held in Burbank, Ca @ the Marriott Convention Center
3 days
After Hours
Rare Appearances
Industry Discussions
Live Demonstrations
Breakfast with the Pros
Recruiting and Networking
World Class Animation Talent

Need I say more?

Ok, ok you asked for it...

You can do a quick register online at www.regonline.com/ctnanimationexpo2009

My boy, Ryan Benjamin and I will be sharing a table together. Come by and talk shop if you have time from all the goodness at the show.

You can do a quick register online by going to Quick Register
You can get 10% off by using this code: GALLX09

Hope to see ya there!

22 September 2009

Batmang and his BFF's

I am totally getting into my Cintiq. I've noticed it takes 3x's as long to work on a piece, but I gotta learn sooner or later how to become more efficient, right?

For my artwork lately I've been slipping into only roughs mode. It feels so refreshing to go that route, but man I needed to snap out of it and find a balance. I was fiending to do a polished piece. HAHAHAHA

I haven't drawn many villains EVER, so I decided to do it up with Batman's BFF's and see where it goes from there. If you can't guess their names, then here's a rollcall: Killa Crizock, Clayfizace, and Batamang.

Anywho, this piece was done 100% on my Cintiq from roughs to finishes.

Hope y'all digs!

21 September 2009

Tales of Avalon pin-up

Just wrapped up my Tales of Avalon pin-up for Matteo Scalera, Alessandro Micelli and Gianluca Maconi .

Thanks for asking me to join in on the fun, guys!

This piece was done 100% on the Cintiq

Hope y'all digs!

20 September 2009

Wolvie-poo WIP

A buddy of mine sent me a link to a Wolverine 3D sculpt based off of a drawing I had done awhile back. Kevin totally hooked this lil pipsqueak up. HAHAHA I was very impressed how great of a job this dude did. I was laughing my arse off when I saw the base! HAHAHAHA

Kevin says it's still a WIP, so I'll update this image once he sends it to me.

Props to Kevin. You should check him out.

Here are a couple of links.


Hope ya digs!

17 September 2009

Bedrock Neighbors

Blast from the past fo' sho... I've NEVER drawn The Flintstones. Always loved them, but I didn't dare or even fathom the thought of tampering with them in fear that I'd look like a hack of a poor watered down version of them. After sitting Fear down, I had to look em' right in the grill. I tolds that lil rascalicious, "Fear, you need to let me have some fun, aight? Now, begone, bonehead!" HAHAHAHA

Anyway...I just couldn't resist the fun shapes!

My perspective may be off since it's a rough, but when I go to colors, I'll polish the technical aspect.

If you can get past that, then I hope ya digs!


Make Mine A Double-Double

My pal Matteo Scalera asked me if I wanted to do a pin-up for his pals Alessandro Micelli and Gianmac's creator owned project, Tales of Avalon. The concept and the designs are wicked-cool, so I couldn't resist.

This'll be a double page splash pin-up.
I have been really diggin my Cintiq, and drawing more digital lately. This piece so far was done 100% on the Cintiq

Hope y'all digs!

08 September 2009


Heya, gangaliciousnesses-

Hope ya had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Here's a 3d sculpt that my pal Luis Gomez-Guzman hooked up.

He hit me up with an email out of the blue to show me he had begun the sculpt of the Ironman illustration I had posted some time back. I was wowed by what I saw. Luis asked me to make notes, so he can get it closer to how I drew, and he also asked me to design the back for him to model from, so the top right pic is me drawing over his screen cap.

I tracked down some of Luis' links to share with ya. He's such an amazing artist.

One of my favorites from him is his Award Winning Animation Short-Film "Garto"

Here's Luis' blog
Please give him props when you get a moment!

Hope ya digs!

02 September 2009


...and some random panels from Wednesday Comics (Teen Titans)

Wrapped up splashing more spice on Kala...