03 August 2013

Bastion's 7 Kickstarter Is Now Live!

Bastion's 7 is finally here!
Myself and my TableTaffy crew is thrilled to announce we have launched the Bastion's 7 Kickstarter!

It's been a long time coming, and I can't thank you enough for waiting patiently for it, gang.

Be sure to check out the Bastion's 7 Kickstarter page to see what this world is all about!

Here are some promos that were done to raise more awareness before the campaign.  More promos & sneak peeks can be seen on the Bastion's 7 Kickstarter page by clicking here! 

Gumshoes 4 Hire: Book 1 and Concepts 1 Online Orders Are Coming Soon!

Gumshoes 4 Hire: Book 1 and Concepts 1

Howdy, gang!  

First off, a huge thank you to Kickstarter and our Gumshoes backers for helping us successfully fund Book 1 and the Concepts 1 hardbacks!  Without our backers the books couldn't have been  possible.  

I've had a lot of questions and requests of when and if the books will be opening up to the public for pre-orders.  The books are finally ready to make available, so online-orders are officially open! YAY! :)  

In this 4 issue story arc the Gumshoes follow a string of break-ins. Besides the usual suspects, the real cause may just be the fabled Curse of the Wendigoes!

You can read more about what Gumshoes 4 Hire is all about by clicking here.

Each book is hardback and approx 52 pages.


Book 1: 
The kickoff of 1 of 4 books for the Curse of the Wendigoes! Storyarc
32 pages of story 
20 pages of behind the scenes


Interior pages preview


G4H Concepts 1:
52 pages of behind the scenes visual development for character, background, prop designs and page layout for issue


Interior pages preview


Special Edition Slipcases:

 Slipcase A

Slipcase B


Creative Team:

Special thank you to Derek Laufman for art assists and Aki Yanagi for helping out with translation of the Gumshoes 4 Hire scripts.

05 February 2013

Gumshoes 4 Hire Kickstarter is launched!

TableTaffy Studios is proud to announce the wait is over!
We finally launched our Gumshoes 4 Hire Kickstarter.

We addressed alot of the questions you all asked on the Kickstarter site as well as a more in-depth explanation to the property in the interview as well.

06 December 2012

Kickstarter projects!

Howdy, gang!

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays.  :)

Wanted to update you all on what we have on the burner.

Right now we have 2 Kickstarter projects that we are busy preparing to launch for December and for January.

The 1st Kickstarter will be for Little Big Heads issue 1.  
Kickstarter launch date: mid-December

                                                    Created and Designed by: Sean Galloway
                                                       Plot: Sean Galloway and Sam Wallace
                                                               Written by: Sam Wallace
                                                     Art: Derek Laufman and Sean Galloway.
                                                                Colors: Sean Galloway 
                                                                Art assists: D.j. Welch
                                                               Lettering: Russ Wooton

Here's a promo piece I used as my CTN-X backdrop at my booth.

Page 1 sneak peak

2 more pages for LBH issue 1


Next up is Gumshoes 4 Hire:
Kickstarter launch date: mid-January. 

                                                                  Gumshoes 4 Hire:
                                                 Created and Designed by: Sean Galloway
                                             Plotted by: Sean Galloway and Kevin Hopps
                                                           Written by: Kevin Hopps
                                           Breakdowns: Rob Haynes and Sean Galloway
                                                                  Finishes: Gurihiru
                                                                  Colors: Gurihiru
                                                               Lettering: Rob Haynes
                                                  Backgrounds: Sean Galloway and D.J. Welch

                                Here's a sheet of some of the designs I did for the story arc.

Here's the 1st Kickstarter promo for Gumshoes.

20 October 2012

Little Big Heads Kickstarter promo!

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I just wrapped up the Little Big Heads promo colors!

Whew!  Boy, am I am rusty with coloring full compositions.  It's been a minute.  :P

I hope this gives you all a better insight into what TableTaffy are up to for #littlebigheads issue1 #Kickstarter project. More info soon!

Now Imma move over to color the pages we have done already to see if we can win you over even more if this promo hasn't.  ;)

Will give you all a heads up when the Kickstarter for Little Big Heads issue 1 begins, once we figure out all the details!  Stay tuned! :)

Little Big Heads created by: Sean Galloway

Plotted by: Sean Galloway and Sam Wallace

Written by: Sam Wallace

Layout: Derek Laufman and Sean Galloway

Lines: Derek Laufman

Colors: Sean Galloway

Additional art assists by D.J. Welch

16 October 2012

Batman B/W sculpt

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Welp.... I guess the "Bats" outta the bag!  HAHA

It was very surreal to see the Batman design I did for the new Batman B/W line displayed at the DC Comics booth in their DC Direct showcase during New York Comic Con this weekend.  Sculpted by the always amazing Irene Matar!  I'll let ya know when it'll be released as soon as I hear the word. :)

Thank you, everyone for popping by our table!  We had a good time chatting it up and sharing stories with ya. Always fun to catch up with pals and making new pals.

Hope y'all digs!

24 September 2012

Super Friends

                                             A lil peek into my Super Friends pin-up. :)
                     One of my all-time favorite cartoons. A fun, light-hearted and charming series.

                     Here's another pass at the layout. I felt the sizes needed to vary more. :)