23 December 2009

Mecha Nation cover roughs

A couple of possible layouts I roughed out last night for Mecha Nation cover 1. Mecha Nation is a concept created by my pals Vic Cook, Greg Weisman, and Greg Guler. Ape Entertainment will be publishing the title.

I'll update you all when the book is supposed to hit the stands. Greg Guler and I will be doing the variant covers.  


22 December 2009

A quickie.... I mean....

....a quickie FOR my hunny; Ichiban.

Mo cards, mo cards, and mo cards!

Thank you, everyone! Here's the latest batch. I wanted to be fair and do singles on this run, so that I don't piss every collector off. haha Anywho.. I did these cards in about 6-7 hours I think, on Sunday.... My head was kinda fried... So for my reward I allowed myself to sleep.... hahaha

21 December 2009

Stretch it, girl!

Abe gots dem shifty eyes for someone else's gal. EWWWWWWWWWWW UMMUMMUMMUMMUMMMMM! Imma tellin on yous, Abraham! When Red finds out whatchur eyes are set on, then it's out to the docks to dry for you, fish-boy! In the meantime... all Liz is thinking about is... "Stretching is good for you...."

Hope y'all digs!

19 December 2009

Hellboy's pal...

or in other words.... Abe Sapien miniturized! HAHAHA Gotta have the Abey-poo tyke in the mix, right? Wishing you all a fantastical good weekend, peeps and peepettes!
Hope y'all digs!

18 December 2009

Dang it, Smurfs! Family is family!

I don't draw backgrounds nearly as much as I should. I loves them to death, but I have been so character driven since a few years back, that I was fiending to draw some up, so I figured, mmmhmmm....yeah....Smurfs. TONIGHT. So I wanted to get a feel of their lifestyle; "cheekified". I guess while I'm here, I have something to say before I go, "Yo, Smurfs! You better wise up and know that yous from the same fam-fam, ya yo-yos!" HAHAHA Man, I loved the Smurfs and Snorks... hecks I STILL do's! HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I won't flick 'em right in the middle of their noses if they don't wisen up. :P In other news... Uh... WOW! I think it's safe to say someone wants to win a couple of books from my 2010 artbook title contest! HAHAHA I skimmed through a few pages... and I see some really good ones. Keep 'em coming, folks!

Hope y'all be diggins!

17 December 2009

2010 Artbook name contest

Heya, thugs, and thugettes.  

Thank you all for being a constant inspiration to me and to a ton of others. It's that time to give back... And what better way of doing that than to hold the annual Cheeks' artbook name contest. Bottom line is I need a title for my 2010 artbook... Last year, It was a blast to see what your witty noggins could come up with, so Imma continue it as a tradition, what say you? The winning title for last year's artbook is Cheeks:UNCLENCHED.  

The rules..... None really... Except keep it clean, yo! Or at least witty and almost over the line.  

deadline is January 5th.  

The prize: Last year you all wanted the prize to be my Glamour Shot photos for your desks, but this year, and believe me when I say it tears me apart inside, it'll be just the my 2010 artbook. Don't give me the stink eye, you! Not cool. I can only do so much, and let's just face it, I ain't as purdy as last year. Bummer, right? Aging stinks for me. How it works is, whomever I choose as the winner will get 2 free copies of the book, signed, and with a head-sketch. One copy for you and one copy for any friend or family I choose... ahem.. I mean you choose.  

My previous books I have a theme....for the past 5 years I used word play for my titles, of course you probably already picked up on that. :P  

My books from oldest to newest were called: 
1)Got Cheeks?  
2)Had Cheeks Want More? 
3)Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks (Vol.1 and Vol.2)  
4)Spread the Cheeks 

My final decision is TBD (basically when I have time to read over them :P). HEHEHE  

Who's ready to fight? Bring it on! Oh, and good luck, champs!


Here's a http://cheeks-74.deviantart.com/journal/ to some other entires over in my Deviant Art journal.


Warm up to my anime minis....

hahaha I couldn't resist doing a mini Lion-O!

16 December 2009

Wolvie says...

Milk is good for yo' admantium skeleton, knuckleheads.

All's I gotsta say is, you asked for it. Hope you're happy for daring me, bubs.

Hope y'all digs!

Greenie Meanie Mini

Poor lil Hulky Wulky.... he done gots himself a boo boo.... hahaha
I couldn't figure out who's a bigger fan of the Red or Green version, but I love both, so I give you both! HAHAHAHA

Thank you, everyone for supporting me to keep on going with this series. It's definitely fun, and so therefore, there's more to come! 

Hope ya digs!

15 December 2009

Mini Skullface

So who guessed skullface was next on my agenda? Anyone?
Did I disappoint? I hope not... I'll get to more of those nice requests...

Hold up... wha? Is Skullface trying to whistle? Ya cain't do that, dood! Ya gots no lips!

I hongries so Imma go eat my green curry and hot and sour soup... YUMS.

Hope y'all digs!

A mini Storm on the horizon....

What my Ichiban wants, my Ichiban gets. HAHAHA My hunny likes when I draw girls with long flowy hair, and she asked that one of the images I draw tonight be just that, so I figures what the heck, she deserves it. She does put up with me day in and day out, afterall. Imma surprise her by making it a screensaver for her phone. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... And thank you, everyone, for diggin my Ironlad pieces... you have to check out my pal Joshua Frost. Here's the quick key poses he drew of Ironlad walking! It's so awesome!

And here we have a Lil Webslinga... ok, so I was dared to keep going.... hahaha 
Hmmmm any requests?

Hope y'all digs more cutesie stuffs from I!

14 December 2009

Ironlad to the rescue

Get em', kid! Ahem.... sorry about dat, Ironlad.... *whispers "He hates when I call em' kid."* Go get em' Ironlad? Better? Now put your lil bee sting of a repulsor ray away, young'un. Uh.. hmmm, uh... yeah.... So while I was drawing more Ironman 2 sketchcards, I wanted to change it up a little and draw proportions differently from the rest of the cards I previously drew.... What I have to say to that is... take that proportions... you think Imma scurred of you? Hellz to the naw naw, aight? I'll push you around, and shape you anyway I wanna.... get that in your noggin, right now.

And here's a lil sheet, I drew on my Cintiq, of him prancing around in his different 'tudes.

Anyhoot... hope y'all digs!

SimsAnimals Africa

Heya, y'all. Hope ya had a good weekend! 

Over the weekend, I received my comp copies of a game I did the concepts for called Sims Animals Africa, which just came out recently.

Now, keep in mind, I don't draw animals that often, but I never turn down an opportunity to overcome fear to try out something new, but most importantly to work with really cool folks.

I'm excited cuz it's my first credited game, and it was fun as heck to work on. The crew over at EA Games was super nice, and oh so very talented. If you're into games you should check it out. It's fun for all ages. Christmas gift perhaps? I'm just sayin.... hahahaha

08 December 2009

3 Stooges....

12 cards later....... More approved IM2 sketchcards for Upperdeck.


Good ol' Boy, Greenie meanie, Unieye, and Wolvie! hahaha :P AWWWWWS....lookit Wolvie...getting all teary-eyed.... man-up, foo!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope y'all digs!

04 December 2009

Black Panther and mo approved IM2 sketchcards

...gets "Cheeksified". :P

He was one slick character. Those awesome, striped gloves and boots and his full on mask done did won my heart. Man, I used to draw him quite a bit when I was younger. Since I'm on these Ironman cards, I thought it'd be nice to throw down some T'challa/Black Panther lovin. So basically this is me felling the character out before drawing him up on some cards!

Thank you, everyone for diggin the first batch of approved Ironman sketchcards cards for Upperdeck's Ironman 2 cardset.

You know how to make someone blush, that's fo sho. Here's more, if you don't mind.

Hope y'all digs!

03 December 2009

Batman sculpt update....

Here's an update from the incredibly talented Irene Matar. Irene hooked up the cape and did a pre-clean-up clean-up. I'm loving the folds she did on the cape as well as the back muscles!

01 December 2009

Ironman is sooooo.....

...fun to draw dagnabit! Here's 20 approved Ironman cards, I'm doing for Upperdeck, to share with ya. Can ya tell I dig the classic costume? heheheh I think I kinda feel bad for the sketchcard collectors by making the montages gigantuousnesses!!! Sorry in advance. Someone dare me to do a bigger card count!

A slew of us are partaking in the fun. So far I have drawn 50 out of my 200.... EEK! Speaking of which... I gotsta get back to inkering and markering up mo'!

Hope you all had a nice weekend and nice Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it like I do.

Hope y'all digs!