20 July 2008

Order info for "Spread the Cheeks", The Art of Sean Galloway

The book is hardback, landscaped, full color, and 76pgs. The going price on this puppy is $25 for those buying it at the con.

What are its' contents you ask? Good question.
To start off I made sure there were plenty of before and after sketches to final drawings. A mixture of pin-ups, character design tests, character designs, rough comic book page layouts, cleaned up comic book pages, some fun personal urban drawings, and covers. WHEW..... Like I said, I wanted to make sure there was more variety in this year's book.

Can people attending ONLY the conventions aquire the books? Nope. The book is available for EVERYONE. :) I will be selling the books only through myself this year.

Payment can be made to my paypal account cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com

Online purchases for the book is:

If shipped within the states: $28(book)+ $8(shipping) = $36
If you're buying 2 books: $56(book)+ $11(shipping) = $67

If shipped overseas: $28(book)+ $14(shipping) = $42
If you're buying 2 books: $56(book)+ $17(shipping) = $73

Enough bantering....

Wanna see some photos? Here's some glances in it. Please forgive the photos quality. I'm definitely not a photographer. I think I'll leave that up to Peter Parker. :P

San Diego Comic Con 2008 update cont'd

Aight... to close this journal out.....

I just saw an AMAZING concert tonight, at the Wiltern. My bud, Billy Martin (guitarist from "Good Charolette"), asked me if I'd like to see his show, and who knew it's be a stage side seat? SHEEEEEEESH! Thank you VERY VERY VERY much, man! You guys rocked the house tonight.

Do me a favor, ok, everyone? Stop by my Billy's booth throughout the weekend. His booth's name is under his clothing line called "Level 27". He and his pal Steve will be camping out there.

Welp y'all.... I think that's it with the update for now....

Hope your weekend is going well!

17 July 2008


I remember watching and LOVING Mazinger when I lived in Okinawa, Japan, as a young'un. I loved how the ship would land on his head. Man that was the was most genius thing to me about the "Z" man. To this day I still adore it's design, and different reincarnations.

For this piece I didn't intend to take it to full colors, until after I cleaned it up, but after scanning it in and a few edits here and there I couldn't resist. hehe

Anyway, here's my take on him. :)

Hope y'all digs!

13 July 2008

Ultimate Frisbee, Anyone?

After posting up Ironman the other day, I've had some requests, so here is the man himself, Captain America. :)


11 July 2008

My Lip Gloss Is Poppin...Poppin... POPPIN!

This is a happy belated birthday gift to my lil' brudda, Kevin.

Iron Man is his all time favorite hero, and I really wanted to make this special for him.

Love ya, Kevy!

Hope y'all digs!

10 July 2008


Sir David Williams, AKA Brohawk has spoken. When the wise one speaks, I listen. :)HAHA

Actually, you all are wise as well. So thank you, everyone for your input. I was on the fence and I really appreciate you all wanting me to go back to the old sig style as well.


Just a wind down piece for the evening.

I've also created a new signature for my artwork. It's basically a "C" with a dot in it to portray my mole. hehe

Hope y'all digs!


Hope y'all digs!


08 July 2008


Heya, Gang!

Hope you all had a nice 4th of July holiday.
I had a blast, until I threw out my back on Friday evening playing some basketball with some of my pals from San Diego. I guess I'm not as young as I keep thinking. hahaha

Thank you, everyone for being so kind sending me happy birthday wishes. YOU ALL ROCK!

Here's an illustration I did for Greg Weisman.

It's for their Gargoyles con (Gathering of the Gargoyles), next year. If you'd like to know more about it here's some info:


"Come attend the Thirteenth Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles in Los Angeles, California. There will be tons of special guests, artists, writers, voice actors and production people from the GARGOYLES animated television series and comic book and from the new SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN animated series! Bookmark the webpage: http://www.gatheringofthegargoyles.com/ "

Hope y'all digs!