28 March 2007

Hades was bomb-diggity

So I've been up in LA since Monday, and my buds Jeff Johnson, and Dan Panosian invited me to get my draw on over at Hades last night. i LOVE that place. thank you, guys for inviting me! the atmosphere was crackin with inspiration. there was good music, and good vibe from all the artists creating, and of course good models.

when you all get a chance go check out Dan's blog http://urbnbarbarian.blogspot.com/ to see his, too, and bug Jeff to post his http://www.johnsonverse.blogspot.com/ ! watching them both draw had me in awe.

Hope y'all digs!

18 March 2007

Killian's Vessel cover, and Shadow Puppets #2 cover

Back from Wizard World LA. I carpooled with my buds Ryan Benjamin, and Eddie Choi, and we had a blast listening to some hip hop while experiencing Ryan not staying in his lane due to texting! haha Pay attention to the road, Ryan!!! HAHA

Thanx RC for letting us crash over at your pad!
And thank you John for taking us all out to dinner.

Thank you everyone for stopping by the table to say howdy, and sitting in on my panel. I hope I didn't bore ya with useless facts.

Thank you, too, for helping me sell out of my hardback sketchbooks! That was pretty unexpected. I brought 100, and they were gone by saturday afternoon. I'll have more for the Seattle Emerald City con, and Heroes con.

I got to sit with my pals Ray Height and his wifey, Todd Nauck, Joe Pekar, Alberto Ruiz, Stephen Silver, Patrick Morgan,Talent Caldwell, Joel Gomez and his wifey Beth.

I got to catch up with a bunch of my pals Paul Gutierrez, Howard Shum, Micah, Dave Bullock, Humberto Ramos, Bobby Chiu his lady Kay, Mark Irwin with wifey Amber, Dustin Nyugen, LeSean Thomas, Derek Fridolfs, Alex Sinclaire Lauren, Phil/Tiffany, Bryan, Drew. Chris Copeland, his brother Justin Copeland, Dave Igo, and Alex. My drawing pals Ratna, Rick, Allen and many more.

Mark Brooks' nipples are probably still tender from the twisting I gave it during picture time with hime myself, and Ray-diggity.

Also I met new friends I've known and loved their works over the years such as Koy, Lilly, Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Dan Panosian and his wifey, Andrew Robinson, Benjamin Roman, Art Thibert, Weshoyot, and many more, too.

Ok, now I can finally tell y'all what's been cookin lately, and what's been keeping me away from posting frequently. YAAAAAAAAAAY

Aspen Studios hit me up to draw a 24 page, Fathom oneshot story called "Killian's Vessel". My buddy Micah Gunnel (Artist of Shrugged) hooked me up to meet all those cool cats. Awesome dude, and talented writer Vince Hernandez is writing the story. I'll be drawing and coloring it, and I asked my pal Mr. Suave himself Howard Shum to join us with his beautiful flowy inks.

The release date is in June.


Here's a cover I did for Chris Ryall, and Brian Lynch's IDW property called Shadow Puppets. It features Spike in his 'Crankyanker' puppet form alongside to aid him is Beta George, and they're both fending off the villain only known as Ratio.

**That dang fish was hard as crud to draw!** hahaha

Hope y'all get your digs on!

12 March 2007

Heya, peeps and peepettes! well imma start doing a series like this where the main character(s) are in color to keep the focus, and do up the rest of the characters in monochromatic hues. believe me you i'm gonna go down nostalgic lane to keep the theme going.

oh, and this will be a print available at the LA convention this coming weekend.

hope y'all do the dig thang.

10 March 2007


Here's a pin-up/commission of Destro and Baroness that I did for an old school animation mag of the 80's called Cereal Geek issue 1.

wanna know mo? http://www.cerealgeek.com/

hope y'all digs!

08 March 2007

2007 Hardback Sketchbooks are in!

I just received both versions of my 2007 sketchbook hardbacks in today. Wanna see some sneak peaks?
For those who already preordered, I'll be sending them out early next week! :) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
Thank you for the preorders and your patience!

For those who would like to order them, too, each book is $25 each shipping is $6 for the US and $8 for overseas. They both have 48 pages, and they are landscaped 12.5x 8.5. Please make all payment to my paypal account cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com

Just to give you an idea what's in each book.... Both have the same cover but with a no.1 and a no.2 and different back covers to differentiate them, too. :highfive:

Vol.1 has more of my fun pin-up stuff, and my Bastion's 7 work(s) in it, and a forward by my good bud Alberto Ruiz.

Vol.2 has designs designs designs, and work related work in it.
****UPDATE*** Vol.2 also has 50 some odd never seen designs. ;) ******

Welp that's it for now, but if more comes up I'll update ya. :)

oh, and pssssssssssssssssst.......

luff ya.

01 March 2007

i ride, u ride, we ride

I have a booth number for those who're coming to the San Fransisco Wondercon this weekend, and have the time to stop by and say howdy to Joe Pekar, Alberto Ruiz, and myself. Our booth is D20.

:) Have a safe flight, or car trip folks! Play a lot of road games if you're driving. ;) Spud is particularly my fav, it's when you punch whomever when you see those Volkswagon Beetle cars. :P

don't front. i see you standing there waiting for that public limo.

i've decided to try my hand at a gallery exhibit with over-sized prints sometime this year. The theme will be about people all around us that we come in contact with on a daily basis. No 'superheroes'.

Some pieces will remain rough, and some will be polished, or all cleaned up or something like that. haha

hope y'all digs!