24 March 2006

Fatboy and Harvey

I did this cover for my buddy, Howard Shum's book, called "Fatboy and Harvey". I had done the pencils and the colors, and Howard inked it. He created/wrote/inked the book. I believe it came out July 05.

Howard also has another book he created called "Gun-Fu", with art by Joey Mason.

23 March 2006

Space Ace

Space Ace one of my all time favorite characters. Here he is from scatch to finish. :)

21 March 2006

Dems da Breaks 1

Here's Teen Titans Go! cover 29. Alina slapped down the beautiful colors for this one.

15 March 2006


Teen Titans Go! cover 32

Here we have Beastboy hungry for some boot. If ya got ketchup can ya pass it his way? :)

05 March 2006

Lights! Camera! Action!

Okay, folks. We got a floater.

When did Colossus start speaking Spanish? That sly dog trying to be the artistic Romeo.

Killy Billy Chilly Willy. Caller her that to her face; I dare you.

EGADS!!! Go, Torch! Go! Looks like ol' flamehead is in for a bruisin!

More Covers

Here are the first 3 covers I did for Erick Hogan's Hero@Large. It was a 4-issue, mini-series, published by Speakeasy Comics. Unfortuantely, the title was cancelled after the 2nd issue.

Here we have 2 backcovers I did for, my buddy, Mark Smith's book, 'Amazing Joy Buzzards'.

More Concepts

More concepts here.

Meaningful drawings

Here I wanted to share with you the joy my girlfriend I have when we are together. We tend to get caught up on our love for each other that we don't care how silly we look or feel in front of others.

Poor lil kid. He got all kinds of tuckered out from a rough day playing pretend.

Friends enjoy friend's company. I know I did, and still do.

Give A Hoot Don't Pollute

Well the title pretty much sums things up! Keep our oceans clean. I love trying to convey some sort of message in my work. I felt we could find a lighter side to the matter, and hopefully still provoke the thought of helping to stop polluting our waters.

I had been asked to draw Aquaman, and at that time I was already working on an idea, for Aquaman, that kept cracking me up. My friends say I am weird, but I find humor in just about everything. I couldn't finish it at the time because I had been so busy but I finally made time for it.

I wanted to make Aquaman seem like a sissy by putting floaters on his arms. HAHAHA

I interpreted what I could remember of the beaches, in Florida, when I lived there, for 10 years. I loved Sarasota, Florida the best because of the white, soft sands, and the weeds growing on the beach. i wanted to recapture that memory in this.

Originally I wanted to draw Aqualad in the Aquaman 'Give A Hoot Don't Pollute' for the spoof, but at the time I could not draw a person interacting with another person to save my life. HAHAHA Now, I think I'm up to drawing 2 people interacting. HAHA

Quality Time

I am a firm believer in family spending 'good' quality time with another. Having been brought up in an abusive household myself I tend to encourage those to have patience, and enjoy each other's presence.

What I'm going for here is based off a memory from one of my visits to Taiwan, back in the early 90's. I used to want to be part of their school system. The students' bond was amazing. What I loved was that they wore uniforms, and always seemed to enjoyed one's company.

Here, I am trying to share that with you through this.

Gotta remember the nostalgic times, right?

I know some of you remember the classics. Don't front. hahaha Yeah, I'm an oldfart.