30 August 2009


Here's a panel I drew for my pals over at the House of Secrets.
It's of their character Kala.

Hope ya digs!

21 August 2009

Grey Hulk

Just kiddin....

There's a Gargoyles convention this weekend here in LA.
I got invited to attend, so I'll be there Sunday for the Gargoyles/Spidey panel and the mug event before the panel.
Never been to one, but I'm PUMPED! I heard the event is a lot of fun.

I'm a huge fan of Gargoyles, so sow you have the reason to why with the Gargoyles fan art. :)

Hope y'all digs!

20 August 2009

Love Birds

The wedding is right around the corner, so I needed to get our illo done for Ichiban and my thank you cards.

Hope y'all digs!

Artbook Signing In San Diego at Rising Sun Creations in August

My pal Ryan Benjamin and I will be having a signing for our 2009 artbooks, in San Diego, August 29th, from 12pm-3pm at one of our favorite spots. Rising Sun Creations. They've got a wonderful mix of Anime, comics as well as a slew of variety of vinyls, and etc.

Here's a flyer we put together:

Here's a cover to Ryan's 2009 artbook; Pancratia:

And the cover to my Cheeks:Unclenched 2009 artbook:

We'll be doing free headsketches in the back of the books.

I may bring some copies of my 2008 Artbook; Spread the Cheeks in case some of you want to pick up a copy or 3.

In the meantime you have got to go watch District 9! Ichiban and I went to watch the movie, last night. WOW! That has got to be one of the BEST flicks I have seen in years. The connection with all the characters was PHENOMENAL!

We hope to see y'all there!

13 August 2009

Marvel Adventures

This is my first drawn cover for Marvel, but it'll be the second cover I did up to hit the stands. HAHAHA Confusing? I hope so! :P

Wanna know what the issue is about? Clickity-click-click on the LINK if ya do.

Hope y'all digs!

09 August 2009

Shark! Shark! Shark!

One of my ALL-TIME favorite cartoons EVER. Short-lived, but long lived in my heart.

TIGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER TIGERSHARKS!!!!! What better way finish off Shark Week, right?

Hope y'all digs!!!

08 August 2009

Red Head

Here's a warm-up I did earlier this morning. Took me a lil break to color it up.

Hope y'all digs!

07 August 2009

Polarkeet? WHA?!

Been wanting to do draw Kristen Campbell awesome character; Polarkeet.

Polarkeet copyright Kristen Campbell

Hope y'all digs!

Tough as nails

Yups.... hahaha

It's fun to draw things I don't normally do.

Hope y'all digitty dig-digs!

06 August 2009


...a warm up from yesterday, before I tore into my Bastion's 7 pages...


oooooooooooooooooooooh..... imma gonna git ya!

Shark Week is off the heezy fo reezy. It's all the reason needed for me and Ichiban to NEVER swim in the ocean.

Been super inspired by a ton of great drawings that peeps drew of sharks this week, that it finally dawned on to me to do one as a warm-up, today.

Hope y'all digs!

05 August 2009

Teen Titans Wednesday comics pages 4 and 5

Good morning, everyone!!!!

Man, it was such an emotional morning for Ichiban and I. We were so relived to see journalists, Lee and Ling reunited with their families.

Now that I can see without blurry vision, I present to you pages 4 and 5 of Teen Titans, Wednesday Comics.

page 4

page 5

Hope ya digs!

04 August 2009


...are sent! Woop! Woop!

YAY! Thank you, everyone!

Here's a pic of the remaining preorders for Meowr, Kuta vinyls, Cheeks:UNCLENCHED, and orders for Spread the Cheeks being shipped out today! I have more in stock for anyone interested.

FYI I drew in all the books because I loves ya :D

Please give them all a good home. :P

Also Thank you, everyone for cruising by our booth and sharing the love! You all totally made our con. We heard some peeps say they had a hard time locating us, or couldn't find us at all. My bad. We weren't listed in Artist Alley this year. We were listed as exhibitors.

I don't know about you, but I still need a couple more days to recoup. HAHAHAHA I hope the con was as fun for you as it was for us.

Thank you also for coming by our Wednesday Comics signing over at the DC Comics booth, and a HUGE thank you for coming to our Spectacular Spider-man Animated panel.

If you're interested, The complete first season for Spectacular Spider-man is on sale!!! I already snagged mines.

My lil bro took AWESOME photos during the con. If you have time please peep it over at this link

Have a good week, gang!