26 March 2010

I Love You, But I'll Cut You

Here's a warm-down from yesterday. :)

When I took life drawing at San Diego Community College in '97 my instructor, Nancy L. asked me "Sean, what do you want from this class?" I told her, "Nancy, I wanna be able to draw comic books, but I need to learn how to draw legs. I don't wanna stop at the pelvis anymore." Nancy said "Ok, let's see what you can do."

As I started she immediately stopped me, and said, "Sean, ok, I see what's going on here. You're trying to draw what you think you know, not what you see. You can't draw something you don't know how to."

Nancy changed my life forever drawing people. She taught me the shortcuts to looking at the human form, and I blame her in a loving way for showing me how to draw legs because I never wanted to stop, and I still don't! HAHAHAHA

Nancy let me be me as an artist, and guided me to having the confidence in my choice. I wish there were more Nancies in this world!

She gave me hope.

Hope y'all digs!

24 March 2010

XOXO You Know You Love Me...

... Gossip Girl. hahaha You know you've watched an episode or 2 of it.

Here is the cover to my 2010 artbook; Cheeks:Freshly Squeezed.

The new artbook will be available at the 2010 San Diego Comicon. It'll be a hardback with 76 pages. There's a good mixture of new pieces I haven't posted and some stuff I've done this year. The price is TBD. Preorders will be available for those interested, and I'll give ya heads up when orders can be placed. :)

Hope y'all digs!

18 March 2010

Warm-downs 1

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.....

Warm-ups to start the day and then warm-downs to end the day. Genius I tells ya! GENIUS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*Ahem* Right. But yeah, this is warm-down 1, and Imma be doing these and warm-ups more often. It's a good way to draw from life and photos to replenish the ol' mental library. In this case to put in the ol' noggin what's not there yet, which is how to draw women! :)

When I was in high school, my art teacher Linda L. told me not to look at things when I drew because it was cheating. So for years I would draw from my head, and it took me a little longer to know what I was drawing. I'm telling you this in case someone gives you the same bogus advice, or gives you a hard time about it. Drawing from life and photos is a legit way to build your mental library, so you can draw what you know from your head, when you're ready. :)

Hope y'all digs!

17 March 2010

You call that a knife?

Doing some gesture drawing, and I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone.

Jojo and Oki from my bastion's 7 webcomic.

Ichiban's gonna kick my booty for not coming to bed. I feel I have a valid excuse. Just so you know... I figure since you're viewing this then you're just as much in hot water as I am. :P

Before the wrath comes down on me and you...here's the clean-up I just wrapped up for my Bastion's 7 cover. Now it's on to the colors. :)

Hope y'all digs!

13 March 2010

Commission finito

Here's the commission I finished up earlier this week for Chloe's gift to her boyfriend Julien. I had a ton of fun with this piece. It was a very cool and sweet request.

Hope y'all digs!

09 March 2010

Commission # 1rough

Here's roughs to a commission I started last night. I don't normally do commissions because of timing, but this year I have made a resolution to do my best to make more time.

Hope y'all digs!

04 March 2010

B7 webcomic panels 5-8

Heya, gang!

Hope your evening is going quite the awesome.

Just wrapped up roughing out panels 5-8 for my Bastion's 7 webcomic. The story starts off in the year 2074, in Chinatown: San Diego. This is where Bastion's 7 base is located. :) Why... because I love San Diego... AND I never felt 2 blocks of downtown was enough to call a Chinatown, so I made San Diego 80% Chinatown.. hehehe

Hope y'all digs!

03 March 2010

Bastion's 7 cover #1 roughs

Heya, gang!

I was really stoked to see you enjoyed the Dragon Ball piece I did of Goku. Thank you so much for diggin it! More to come, fo sho.

Here's a a little preview of my roughs for my Bastion's 7 wrap around cover.

If ya haven't joined my Bastion's 7 blog please do. :) I'd love to have ya part of it.

Hope y'all digs!

02 March 2010

Goku catchin cloud...

Been seeing a ton of cool Dragon Ball art this week. Always wanted to draw some fan art of the cartoon, so I was really inspired to finally do one of Goku. Who knows? I may possibly do more. :)

I love the older seasons of Dragon Ball. I felt the characters had a ton more charm and made me love them and want to know more.

I'm thinking I'd love to tackle some Ranma 1/2 next. Man, I love that series, too...... solid characters, and designs, and the charm, damn the charm!

Hope y'all digs!

01 March 2010

Kuta's big, bad boss!

Hope ya had a nice weekend.

Heya, Gang.

Was working on the B7 webcomic and B7 Animated teaser over the weekend, and I finally quit avoiding Kuta, Kito and Taki's big, bad boss-man. So here he is; Moquay (Chinese for Monster).

Hope y'all digs!