12 November 2008

Buzz Off, Mon!

Thank you, all, for diggin my takes on some of the Silverhawks' baddies.
I'm having fun with them, and thought I'd do more, so here we go with Buzzsaw and Mon-Star.

Hope y'all digs.

09 November 2008


I was walking through Best Buy, Friday, and guess what I saw? It was Silver Hawks, 1st season, vol.1, staring right at me with its puppy dog eyes. I had to take it home with me. Being the sentimental type that I am. Look what it made me do! Bad dog! BAD DOG!

Hope y'all digs!

04 November 2008

The Parkers and their friend

I couldn't resist drawing my favorite couple.

Here's a request for Nova for one of my Marvel Masterpiece Artist proof cards.