12 August 2011

Trigun's: Vash the Stampede...

... is in here somewhere amongst these pre-order headsketches. :)

I wanted to make the head sketches in this year's art books more diverse than my previous years of some of my favorite childhood and recent interests.

I'll scan more in later!

Have fun in the meantime looking for Vash!! hehe

Below are some of the busts with a little shadow thrown on.  I hope to be able to get around doing it for all of them when I get a moment.

Hope y'all digs!

11 August 2011

Fanart contest winners announced!

Ok, gang.... wow....  I am blown away.  I loved everyone's entry for the fanart contest!
Because you all did a wonderful job AND it being so hard to choose 4 winners from all those who partook (<------ real word?) in the contest...
...ALL pin-ups are making it into the book!
Congrats, everyone!
Please do me a favor and email me (not note) your high-res along with a link to your piece, so I can verify it's your piece that made it in on time for the contest!
Don't make the cop above come after you when he's done munching on his midnight-snack. :)
Thank you, everyone for participating!
If you missed out on what I'm talking about it's for this contest.