29 April 2007


I was doing some work today, and thought I'd have some "Sean" time. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for fun drawing today, so i thought long and hard of some of my favorite cartoons, and Full Metal Alchemist being one of them had me on a mission.

hope y'all digs!

28 April 2007

Mailing update for Sketchbooks

Howdy, all! Just droppin ya some Saturday afternoon lovin'. Because of a REALLY busy couple of weeks, I played catch-up, and I spent a good few hours doodling in the sketchbooks you all bought, to say I luff you. :) Nothing like starting a day off drawing 50 head sketches, right? hehe So after that I went to the post office and mailed out all the orders that were purchased up to April 21st. Orders that were purchased from the 22nd of April to the present will be mailed out during this coming week or this coming weekend.

Big thank you to my bud, Fred, for helping me prep them for the mailing. Thank you to the postal clerk for her dealing with all the boxes! haha

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


25 April 2007

Hotter den Hades

Wot a turn out it was last night at Hades. LOVE that spot. The models are very crafty, and love holding the long poses. Thanks again to my buds Jeff, and Dan for inviting me to the powwow. Next, we have to get our bud Mark to go..

Hope y'all digs!

23 April 2007

yo! big boy's got hops!

i was sitting in a coffee house tonight, and thought it was time i got to the commission for my incredibly, talented, pal, Tim Townsend.

he requested gatchaman, and batman. :)

hope y'all digs!

21 April 2007

distress call

Or not.... hehe I thought I'd slap a background behind Supaboyeeeeee.

Thank you all for the nice words in the new journal. You all really know how to treat a fella.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Hope y'all digs!

16 April 2007

Spider-Man Animated

Hi, everyone. How goes your week so far? Just wanted to update you all about the sketchbooks. I mailed out more today, and will mail out this week's, and last weeks's orders throughout the week. :highfive:

In other news...

I was told I can announce that I'll be character designing for Spider-man Animated. Thank you all for believing in me. Your energy has motivated, and inspired me to no end, and I can't express that enough. I hope I can return the same to you all with the pieces I create.

I wanted to mention that I'll be working alongside Greg Weisman (Gargoyles' creator), and Vic Cook (Director on Hellboy Animated's Blood and Iron).


15 April 2007


welp....i finally got a chance to upload the pics from the other head sketches, i did for the sketchbooks. this was the 2/3 mark. who can name them all? there are a couple that are just random sketches, but for the most part they're of something we've seen.

:) hope y'all digs!

14 April 2007

the shipping blues

Hey, folks... everyone who has previously purchased a sketchbook, i mailed them out via priority mail. what that means is that those outside of the states will receive theirs in nearly 7 business days, and those in the states will most likely have theirs within 3-4 business days. below, i've provided the necessary info for future interests in my sketchbooks.

a HUGE thank you to everyone who emailed the difference of the cost for the shipping. you all are wonderful.

**********************COST PER BOOK**********************
There are 2 volumes, and they're $25 each. Contents and images about both books are below in a previous post.


please go to the following link to decide which shipping rate is suitable for you. http://www.usps.com/rates/media-mail-rates.htm when making payment to my paypal please write in detail the shipping your requesting the books be delivered.

*************WEIGHT OF THE BOOK(S)******************

i think this will be very helpful in deciding your shipping preference. one book is about 1 pound. 2 books is about 2 pounds.

thank you, everyone for your attention to the matter.

12 April 2007

yes yes?

Welp... like i promised, I sat in Borders today drawing your surprises in your sketchbooks. i'm 1/3 done, and tomorrow i'll hit it again. :) now the real surprise is to guess which head sketch is yours, and when you get it, i'd love to see you hit me up with a link, so i can make a journal, so we can all see them. !O___O!

hope y'all digs!

11 April 2007

Phew! Guess Wot?!

Ok, folks! The hardback sketchbooks are finally in my possession as of 12:45pm today. All of us that published our books through Brand Studios apologize for the hold up we had with our books in customs. So far I have carried up one palatte up to my apartment, and taking a breather, and will start bringing up the the other palatte. But I thought I owe it to you all to say they are here, and will be sent out tomorrow without further delay.

I do appreciate all of you being patient, and I promise that the wait will be worth it because I am inserting a couple of surprises in each book because I luff y'all that much! :P

I'll update the journal later today once I have brought all the books in. There will be photos to ease your minds. :highfive:

I'm dedicating tomorrow and Friday to mail out all the books.


Here are the pics as promised as well as extra footage.

The 1st pic is of the books I hauled up myself. Talk about exhaustion after 37 boxes.

Here are my boys that helped make all this possible. hehe Well one of them... the other was too shy to get it's picture taken... it kept muttering it was too puny or somethin'..

Here's Andy He called up after the first palette was done, and I tricked him in helping out with the 2nd palette! I be the evil. Thanx, Andy-san!

Here's what the living room looks like with all the books in the apartment.

And while I'm on here, I wanna let you all know the Seattle Emerald City Con was AMAZING. Thank you to Jim Demonakos for having me up there as a guest. I be back next year for sure. Thank you to Olga and Emily for showing me the city. Seattle is gorgeous. I had a ton of fun hanging out with other artists there, and I had the pleasure of sitting next to Phil Hester, and Andy Kuhn. Andy Kuhn and I shared a room, but with DIFFERENT beds! haha I still deny to this day that I was talking in my sleep, Andy.

The books are doing better than I thought. I had another sell out with the hardbacks at the Emerald City Con. I had 100 copies advanced to me for the convention, and was scurred I was gonna have to pay a grip to have them shipped back to San Diego.

I know I haven't posted of late, but it's due to some intense deadlines, but if all goes well then I'll be able to post a bit more often. Thank you all for stopping by to see how I've been doing! Hope all is well with you all, too.

There are more books available if anyone is interested.

Shipping varies, so please go to this link to see which cost of shipping appeals to you, at this link http://www.usps.com/rates/media-mail-rates.htm

When making payment to my paypal please write in detail the shipping your requesting the books to be delivered.


They both have 48 pages, and they are landscaped 12.5x 8.5. Please make all payment to my paypal account cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com

Just to give you an idea what's in each book.... Both have the same cover but with a no.1 and a no.2 and different back covers to differentiate
them, too.

Vol.1 has more of my fun pin-up stuff, and my Bastion's 7 work(s) in it, and a forward by my good bud Alberto Ruiz.

Vol.2 has designs designs designs, and work related work in it.
And it also has 50 some odd never seen designs. ******