23 March 2008

Day Dreamer

What is it, Dirk...? You gonna find out, young chap? You wanna decide for him? :P

Here's a younger take on one of my favorite past times; Dragon's Lair. I've been avoiding drawing Princess Daphne and Dirk's trusty steed for to long enough.


If the first triple threat didn't succeed, then what makes these chumps think they can do better against our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler?

Speaking of which..... "If you can't tidy up and stow your mess, Webhead, then you're grounded until you know better. unh...unh... Any lip outta ya and you'll get no dinner, too!"

Rollcall: Otto (not Doc Ock), Shocker, and Sandman

20 March 2008

Need some bengay for that thor?

finally got around to slappin Thor silly with some colors.

Hope y'all digs!

13 March 2008

A huge CONGRATS to Dave, and Arlene!!!

My buddy, Dave Karoll and his wife just brought a new life into the world; Jacob Thor Karoll. How awesome is that?!

Some of us here at work handmade a Thor theme whether for a t-shirt, bib/cape, or drawing.

We miss ya here at the studio, Dave!

Congratulations to both of you.

All the best to you. :)

They'd be a triple threat if they were ballers, but to Spidey they're triple doofuses.

07 March 2008

Wizard World LA

The LA Wizard World con is around the corner, gang.
Who's coming? I'll be there, and sharing the table with me will be my bud,
Ryan Benjamin.
We'll be sitting at table 2070 in Artist Alley.

I'll have both volumes of my hardback books there for sale if any one is interested.
I'm sure Ryan will have a ton of original pages for sale and commissions, too.

Hope to see you there!

04 March 2008

Dust Bunnies

Just as Spidey thought...... dust bunnies....
He shivers at the thought.... hehe

Hey, everybody.... I know, I know.... You're all tired of me posting about Spidey Animated, but I like to keep you all in the loop. :) Here's a new link with new footage, some character bios with images if you wanna check it out. http://www.spideytv.com/

Hope y'all digs!

03 March 2008

Arigato, Spider-kun!

Here's a piece I did for the Spectacular Spider-man Animated character design test.

Below are some poses I wanted to draw for fun to show the webslinger in action.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient with the lack of art from me lately. Hope this holds you over until the next batch.

Hope y'all digs!

01 March 2008

Robotic Fossils

Heya, gang! Here's some earlier concepts, out of a batch, I did for the new Transformers Animated. Basically I was brought onto the project to show some new organic shapes for the classic robots, Dinobots, and others.

I tell ya.... robots are tough as heck to draw. The technicality of things was pretty difficult. It was fun, but very challenging none the less.

My goal was to make them feel as if they had some Japanese aspects in them. For Sludge, I wasn't sure if 4 arms would work on him, but I figured what the heck, ya know? For Swoop I wanted to make him more ninja-esque.... Grimlock more Samurai-esque, and finally Snarl as more of a bruiser or a grunt from the bunch.

Hope y'all digs!