20 February 2007


I was catchin up on work yesterday, and wanted to finish the day off with a fun piece.

Megacon came and went quicker than I could blink. Sitting next to Alberto Ruiz, Joe Pekar, and Jonboy Meyers will do that. HAHA I met up with some cool peeps throughout the weekend. Joey Mason, Randy Green, Big Chris, Tim Townsend, Derec Donovan, Kermit and Kermit's lady, Brandon Peterson, Ian, Troy, Miss Kitty, Icon and her pal Karla. There were also the (Thank you for picking up Teen Titans Go!) girl, then Francesco and his wonderful wife Lisa, Steven Sanchez, Pacman23, Scotty Shoemaker <--- mistah karaoke king himself, Shaun Ward, and many many more. I was stoked to see alot of art students from SCAD, Ringling, and other schools. (If I didn't list you all here, it's cause my memory is blah at the moment, so my apologies)

Thank you all for stopping by our tables. You really made the con a wonderful experience.

Hope y'all digs!

11 February 2007

Midseason Replacement cover colored

heya, gang! it's been a busy week, but I finally was able to get back to coloring The Midseason Replacements, cover.

Here's a link to read more on the great book. http://midseasonreplacement.com/

hope y'all digs!

03 February 2007

Midseason Replacement

Here's a cover I did for Bill Segroves' book "Midseason Replacement". The book is funny as all gets out. To read more of what the book's about please go to
imma go slap some colors on this puppy now.

Hope y'all digs!