30 May 2009

Ruffity Ruff Ruffs

Here's an idea I had for the Monsters Inc covers I wanted to do. I may go back and finish it up just for kicks, since I love the Pixar properties.
What say you? Yay or to the nay-nay?! HAHAHA

Hope y'all diggity doo doos!

28 May 2009

Bubble Pink

My pal Francisco Herrera asked me to draw his character. I was hesitant because women are hard to draw, but I thought I'd give it a shot. :)

Hope ya digs!

Oki A Dokie

Heya fellas and fellarettes!

Wow... first off... it's quite the bonkers to see how many participated in the Kuta Art Card contest! Thank you so much, everyone for getting involved! All the entries are AMAZING!

It was more than I expected, and yet again I have my work cut out for me to choose a winner. There's still time to play if you haven't already, or for those who'd like to do more.

My hats off to you all for diggin Kuta enough to hook up the gorgeous art!

This is a model sheet I put together to figure out Oki/Zero a bit more.

Hope y'all digs!

18 May 2009

Kuta Art Card Contest

Howdy, howdy, folks!

Just got back from the San Jose Super Con. We had a great time up there. Thank you, everyone for stopping by and making the con a fun one!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmm... what's new?

Well, the Kuta vinyl toy is getting really near. Thank you all for your preorders and emails about the product. From the looks of the schedule, I should have the shipment in my possession 2 weeks before San Diego Comicon.

That being said... Who's interested in being part of the Kuta vinyl contest?

I've asked several of my close friends, and peers to draw a Kuta card, but I kept one spot open for the winner/YOU, of this contest, to be included in the line-up of cards that comes inside the box.

It'll be like the art cards you see in DVD boxsets for cartoons.

The specifics:

*The dimensions should be 4.25 x 5.5.

*All art is to be 300 dpi resolution.

*You can draw it either vertically or horizontally.

*Entries can be digital files, but can also be done traditional.
But the end result needs to be a digital file.

*The card is to feature Kuta. However, if you want to include other characters from the Bastion's 7 universe on the card, then feel free to go crazy!!

*You can post the entries in your galleries, but be sure to paste the link here in the journal, so we can all peep it.

I'll make the decision of the winner within 2 weeks. The winner will also have the opportunity to include their bio because I'll be putting it on the back of the card.

Good luck!!!

I thought you might get a kick seeing how the box looks. Big thank you to Leonardo Olea for preparing it for me.

15 May 2009

Muttpop rockin it

Heya, gang... I know that you already know of Muttpop, and their very popular property: Lucha Libre. I can't tell you how inspired I get when reading the great stories, and drooling over the awesome artwork. Each page is spilling with greatness, and packed with fun from the clever writing and eyepopping art. I gotta tell ya, it's one of the best collected ideas I've EVER read.

Props to Bob Silva (president), Jerry Frissen (writer), Bill (artist; Luchadores 5), GOBI (Artist; Tequila), Fabien M. (artist; The Tikitis), and Ohm (artist; Los Tripicados) for making a book that has made these gorgeous stories leave an impact on me.

Here's also a link to some more of their TASTY TREATS

That being said, I had the honor of having lunch with Robert Silva And Jerry Frissen, and my pal Ryan Odagawa. I tells ya, great convo with a bunch of nice guys, over some good eatin's is what it's all about.

Well... back to the drawing board. I gots deadlines, and I'm off to the San Jose Super Con for the weekend. Have a good one, folks.

Luff ya.


13 May 2009

La Dee Da Dee.... we likes ta...


Lookit Oki just standing there keeping an eye on these mofos. But, Dude!... if you're gonna be a ninja... you still gotta go stealth... oh... ok... I see you're just a bad@$$ like that, huh? My bust... go about your bidness, Oki-san."

HA! Anyhoot... He's knows they be trouble, so he's chillin until they decide to get all stupid-like. He'll have to show them what's up, once they step outta line.

These are pieces to a greater cause. I'm doing these for a couple of new banners I'm making for Comicon. More characters will be added to them. Here's THE PEEPS of who I'm talking about.

Hope y'all digs!

all Bastion's 7 characters © Sean "Cheeks" Galloway