30 December 2010

My first storyboards debut on G.I.Joe Renegades.

My first storyboards debut came out on the new G.I.Joe Renegades series. My section was from 7:09-8:35.

Loved the G.I.Joe Renegade designs by the ever so talented Clement Sauve.

After seeing how my G.I. Joe storyboards came out, I'm really stoked to see how my Scooby Doo storyboards came out since those will be my first boards ever.

This year I wanted to really challenge myself with different line of work, and boy-howdy did I ever.  Boarding a tough gig. I can't thank my directors enough for the opportunity(s).  Much props to all the storyboarders out there.  It takes a heckuva mindset to draw your sections.  Luckily, I was able to tackle a few pages of script here and there to ease into it.  It was a really nice challenge and a great way to get a taste of other avenues outside of just designing characters.

A little bit of Rock and Roll

Been awhile since I've been able to draw a pin-up.  Here's roughs of a little bit of "Rock and Roll" from MegaMan.  :) I'll be adding villains in this later.  Still not sure which ones I want to do just yet.  Too many awesome ones to pick from.  Any requests?

Hope y'all digs!

Layout 1:

Still more to come! Have a Happy New Year, everyone! May it hold nothing but wonderful things for you and yours.

Been awhile since I've been able to draw a pin-up. Here's roughs of a little bit of "Rock and Roll" from MegaMan. :) I'll be adding villains in this later. Still not sure which ones I want to do just yet. Too many awesome ones to pick from. Any requests?
Layout 2:

13 December 2010

Happy Holidays from the Galloways

Ichiban asked me to draw our holiday card this year.  It doesn't get too cold here in LA, so we're not too bundled up here in the image.  :)

I gotta say, she's the cutest art director I ever had!  HAHAHA

Happy Holidays from us!

10 December 2010

Still have Christmas shopping to do?

Waddup, gang.

I bet some of y'all have Christmas shopping to do still, right?  I've brought the price down on the Kuta Vinyls considerably.  Kuta vinyls are going @ $30 for the colored version and $45 for the grey version.

Images of the Kuta vinyl and ordering info can be found here if you're interested!

02 December 2010

Street Fighter busts!!

Haven't had a whole lot of time for any personal drawing lately, so I had to make sure I did something from one of my childhood faves.  I guess What I'll do with this like the ugg muggs is keep updating this deviation as the new heads are done.

If ya haven't listened to these songs, then I HIGHLY recommend them.  It'll get your lil booty outta the chair and wiggle to the left and wiggle to the right... if it makes ya booty droooooooooop, or do the tootsie roll, then you're on a different level. :P

Cheeky recommendations:

Sex Karma (feat. Solange Knowles): Of Montreal
Cat & Mouse: Nikki & Rich
Next Best Thing: Nikki & Rich
Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester): Cobra Starship
F**k You: Cee Lo Green
Dog Days Are Over: Florence + The Machine
Dakota: Stereophonics
Float On: Modest Mouse
What Part of Forever: Cee Lo Green

Edit: Zangief!

Edit: Sagat! (That one's for you, Derek!)


Edit: Chun Li

Edit: Guile says eating fat meat gives ya hair extra BoUnCe and shine! HAHAHA I couldn't hold out.... I had to add Guile I did over the Thanksgiving weekend. :)

Edit: Enter Balrog! Duck! His left hook is revolving! 

Edit: Zangief

Hope y'all digs!