27 May 2008

Skully's Lackies

Heya, gang! Here's a card I did earlier this year for the 2002 series, Masters of the Universe, volume 2. It came out today. Joshua Middleton also did a beautiful card in the boxset.

Hope y'all digs!

19 May 2008

Family Dynamics cover #1

Heya, gang. :)

Welp I guess I can let the cat out of the bag.
I know some of you were asking if I'd do more comic work, and the answer is yes. :) I was recently asked by my buddy J.Torres to come aboard to do the covers for an absolutely amazing book called Family Dynamics.

I'm a little rusty with the covers, so I did 3 layouts to try and make the cover interesting, while keeping in mind to leave space for the text.

The writing, and the interiors is just stunning. Tim Levins is doing an outstanding job.

Here's a brief rundown to give you a better idea:

Written by J. Torres; Art by Tim Levins and Dan Davis; Cover by Sean Galloway

Pyralis! Sirocco! Troylus! Terran! This is The Family Dynamic, defenders of Storm City who use their mystical Elemental Rings to battle the forces of evil. But what happens when members of their extended family want in on the superhero action? They say the family that plays together stays together – but does that count when they're playing the good guys? Find out in this exciting new 6-issue miniseries by writer J. Torres (WONDER GIRL) and artist Tim Levins (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES).

Johnny DC | 32pg. | Color | $2.25 US

On Sale August 27, 2008

hope y'all digs,and that it holds you over until my Bastion's 7 book comes out soon!

16 May 2008

Head Cases

Here's more cards for the recent Marvel sketchcards set.

14 May 2008

Head bashin'

Thank you, everyone for your kind words on the last piece. It was a blast to do. Here's the backcover to my new art book, "Spread the Cheeks".

Below is a handful of sketchcards I did out of a slew. It's one of those rare times I actually ink my work, and spot blacks. :)

03 May 2008

Arigato, Spidey-Kun!

Here's the cover to my 2008's hardback art book "Spread the Cheeks".

The book is dedicated to those who let their imaginations run wild and hung in there for the journies.

hope y'all digs!