02 December 2007


Someone's gotta handle the small-timers, right?
So enters one from the line of Magistrates.

29 November 2007

Duck Duck SLICE

I finally got around to finishing this one up. Who's gonna beat down who? Zero? Taki? You decide. :)

24 November 2007

Imma getcha, mang!!

Mr. Townsend. I'm hoping we can get this colab on once the pencils are done. :)

We all know them by one name or another. G-force, Gatchaman, and/or Battle of the Planets. What say you?

These dudes and a dudette were my first anime team that I fell in love with.

23 November 2007

Space. The final frontier....

....or not. :P I had to do that to you. hehehe

Here we have Science Patrol Hayata and his alter ego Ultraman.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

22 November 2007


I love me some Ultraman. He was probably one of my first action figures I had ever.
I remember living in Okinawa and playing with him and watching the old series. Good times good times. Now that I'm older I really appreciate the outfit Science Patrol Hayata (Susumu Kurobe) and the other characters wore, too, so here's a nod to the classics again. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone to you and yours.

20 November 2007

Clockwork Girl pinup colored

Been under the weather since Wednesday, and still fighting it off, but I had to get this pin-up done for my buddy's book called Clockworkwork Girl.

Be sure to drink your Orange Juice, and plenty of water, gang. The flu ain't no joke. :)

Hope y'all digs!

04 November 2007

Gimme a wind up will ya?

Howdy! Howdy! Doin'? :)

Here's a pin-up I was fleshing out today for my buddy's book; Clockwork Girl.

Lately, I've been looking back at some of my old artwork, and see some stuff I feel is lacking; i.e. new shapes, better compositions, and more excitement, so I'm dedicating time to stick my nose to the books, and get my learn on. :)

Dan P., when you're ready for that pin-up or a backcover lemme know. It'll be an honor to hook it up. I've been a fan of yours for years, good sir.

Hope y'all digs!

27 October 2007


Heya, gang.... I am so relieved that you all who were near or involved with the fires are doing well. I'm sorry to hear about your homes, and the struggles the events have caused you. My prayers are going out to you as well as other's prayers. Thank you also for your concerns about me, too. That was sweet of you all.

With that said:
I LOOOOOVE this comic. The Cryptics are fantastic, and I was really stoked when Benjamin Roman asked me to do a pin-up for it.

Hope y'all digs!

14 October 2007


I was behind on some of the daily challenges with some pals of mine because i was sidetracked with wrapping up some stuff. so here's my take on Akuma..

Hope y'all digs!

12 October 2007

are we there yet?

i had to give a shout out to some classic x-men. i miss them terribly.

hope y'all digs!

11 October 2007

I'm a lil teapot...

... short and stout. i was too scurred to change Wolvie's costume up, but what i did want to accomplish was to make him feel like he's a runt, and a powerhouse from the waist up.

hope y'all digs!

09 October 2007

U still talkin, Punk?

I couldn't resist another pass with Lion-O, and possibly the other members of the Thundercats. :)
For this version I wanted to incorporate a bit more homage into the clothing from the his original 80's design, but just a bit. hahaha :P

On a different note:
Last night, I watched the new anime movie that came out recently called Tekkonkinkreet. I was blown away by the style they brought to it in the art, and the story. I didn't want it to end, but sadly enough it did, so in order to get over those blues I'll have to punish myself and watch it again,and again, and again!!!!!

Hope y'all digs!

06 October 2007

B Aggressive! B! B! Aggressive!

I was sitting in Borders today....i know... i know... "so tell us something we don't already know!!!" right?!

so anyway, i was wanting to challenge myself
and draw stuff i don't normally draw, so i chose sports. as much as i do love sports, i can't give you a reason why i haven't done it up more often, except that i like drawing comic book-type stuff. today i made an exception because i wanted to extend my knowledge by tackling things i find difficult to draw, so voila!

the basketball player was revised, after a few friends suggested to make the shilouette <-- (sp?) easier to read. what i did was make the ball-carrying hand more open, and show a bit more punch to his bang theory. thanx, y'all for your thoughts, on thursday.

welp....it was a blast to beat the crap out of my paper(s) again. hehehe

i hope y'all do that dig thang!

04 October 2007


Earlier today something happened. I saw some artwork that literally kicked me in the crotch. It was so breathtaking that it knocked the wind out of me; no joke. While looking at it I realized how much more I need to learn on a skill level, and how much I was lacking knowledge-wise with my own stuff, so tonight, I had to beat up my paper. "That's what you get, paper! Don't ever look at me all blank and shiz!"

hope y'all digs!

01 October 2007

Mac N Ham N da 3 cheeses

"Lately, I'vvvvvvve had the strangest feeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiing...."

Ahem.... sorry, Jodeci popped into the ol' noggin, while typing this. Don't turn your head. YEAH, you. You know who the group is, and you still love that song.

I've been trying to capture more story of people that we come in contact with everyday, so I've been looking through magazines for inspiration for this line-up, and the line to follow after this one. I don't let flipping through the zines hinder me from a creative standpoint, but what it does is help replenish my mental library.

Welp, Gangaliciousnesses.... I just wrapped these up. I had a lot of fun with them. Dang, them 'zines really do inspire and help rebuild up that mental library, when you're havin a brainfart.

Hope y'all digs!

Hope y'all digs!

30 September 2007

You Ain't Hard, Jimbo...

Howdy, y'all! Weekend treatin ya good?

Welp, I thought i'd put a spin on the "dynamic trio". What's Jimbo think he's up to? He must of caught a sighting on the horizon. You ain't hard, Jimbo. You don't gotta lie to get your kick it on.

Hope y'all digs!!

28 September 2007

Airforce reinforcement

Huh- Aang in der, Aang!!

love the Avatar cartoon. it's one of my all-time faves, but i had never had the courage to do any fanart.

hope y'all digs!

17 September 2007

Spectacular Spider-Man Animated

Heya, gang! Our's truly, Victor Cook had a very cool interview over on ENI http://enewsi.com/news.php?catid=194&itemid=11817 about Spectacular Spider-man Animated.

He talks about what you all can look out for in the first 13 episodes. It's a great read, so if you have time, please check it out.

I guess since the designs are officially posted over on the interview, then I'll show ya here, too.

Thanx to my bud Derek for hitting me up with the link,

Hope y'all digs!

09 September 2007

Double feature: Hulkster in Skippin Stone, and Medusa in No means NO!

............ Well, it would be if the Hulk was throwin it.

Medusa..... all ya gots to do is knock some sense into those
numbSkrulls..... oh, wait. my bust, you're already on it.

Okie Dokie... here are 2 Marvel versus cards for this year.

I thought you all might wanna know how the piece for the Hulk came about. (I may have just set myself up for "That's whatcha get for thinkin, dude!") haha

I generally think a ton of thoughts in my head, but my hand can only keep up for so long to jot the ideas downs. For this card I wrote the most important parts out that I felt would make the pic interesting.

Who knew, that that floating skull would piss off the Green Goliath that much? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!!

Hope y'all digs!

Oaf1 Oaf2 Oaf3

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy y'all what's fer dinna?
uhhtssss uhhtssss uhhttssss

welpers. i didn't want to jump right into the workload today without punishing my col-erase and red micon, and showing the paper who's the boss, soooooooo i did these, and a ton of sketches to warm up today.

i felt the stress leaving my body through my fingers tips. when it was all gone i was calm, and then i started chipping away at the workload.

it works. guaranteed.

hope y'all diggy duuuuuuuezzzz!

08 September 2007

Lil Snackums

250 sketchcards latah...... here's a taste of some of the sketchcards i did up for dc comics.

hope y'all digs!

29 August 2007

Ya wanna get ruffed up, yo?

Heya, gang! Thank you so much for feelin the B7 stuff I just posted. I've been wanting to draw more of the characters, but finding the time has been hard, but tonight I had to show sleep who's boss. hahaha

Recently I've been going down the list of my Bastion's 7 property to get a better feel of how the characters move.

Hope y'all digs!

27 August 2007

Wimps Need Not Apply

So I was sitting in Borders today, drawing with my pals Joey and Hwang. We wanted to inspire each other to work on our own personal pieces and push the envelope a bit.

I have been working on my Bastion's 7 pages on the weekends, but this weekend I wanted to put together a full composition, so i did it of Mallot's Minions. But stay tuned for something bigger. :P

Thank you everyone for hitting me up and asking how Bastion's 7 was coming along. I hope this is a good indicator with this collage. :P Also a big thank you to you all that have been linking me your works to your art you've been doing for the B7 characters. My bad for not staying on top of posting it in the journal. If you still would like me to put them in the "Bastion's 7 art from other peeps" journal, then please pass me the link again, if I missed ya.

It's so exciting knowing that you dig it, and it means the world to me for your patience, and support.

Hope y'all digs!

26 August 2007


I drew this one night at Hades' life drawing class .

Hope y'all digs!

13 August 2007

The passing of Mike Wieringo

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Wieringo at Heroes con in June for the first time. Although, I've been a fan of Mike's work for years we've communicated through different art forums and through emails. He's been a mega-influence to me, and to alot of people, so this news of his passing was a shock to me.

Our prayers go out to you and yours, Mike.


God Bless.

Your friend,


08 August 2007

Travel Agent, Anyone?

It's been awhile since I did something for fun, so I did this for my friend Cristina, tonight, after work.

Hope y'all digs!

01 August 2007


HOWDY HOWDY! Here is my first animation I did last night. I have been really been getting into a rut just drawing 3/4 poses, so I thought I'd try to challenge myself a bit. I had a ton of fun, so I think I'll be doing more.

make sure to make the noise... UHTSS UHTSS UHTSS

Anyone know how I can have it move on my blog?

30 July 2007

Spectacular Spider-man Animated footage

Hey, gang! WHEW..... SDCC 2007 has come and gone like the wind. Thank you, everyone for stopping by the table. It was so nice to speak with you all! If.... and I KNOW I did mumble where you could not understand me due to my lack of sleep please accept my humble apologies. HAHAHA I was so delirious by the end of each day. :faint:

Thank you all, too, for coming out to watch the Spectacular Spider-man Animated panel.
Your attendance, and your response meant the world to us.
Here's a link of the for those who couldn't make it to the panel for the 1 minute animatic of the webhead in motion. ***Updated Link http://enewsi.com/news.php?catid=261&itemid=11445 *** Someone kindly passed along the link to it.

24 July 2007

Scratchin Vinyl

Heya, fellers, and fellerettes! Just wrapped up putting a slew of charcters together for this print for ComiCon. This will be the only print that I'll be selling for the San Diego ComiCon. I'll also have both volumes of 'Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks' for sale, too, if anyone's interested, at my and Howard Shum's table, #E2.

This is basically an ode to the craziness in my noggin, :P

In any case come over so we can shoot the breeze, and laugh at my funny faces together. :)

Hope y'all digs!

23 July 2007

Live Interview from Dwight and Swain's Sidebar

Hey, gang... who's got some time on their hands? If ya do here's a live interview that 2 cool cats Dwight, and Swain did about my experiences in the industry, and my inspirations. They have their own site called Sidebar. If ya wanna listen in on my babbling the link is http://sidebar.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=238157

Afterwards if you keep on listening you'll hear interviews of the AMAZING Joe Pekar and Kyle Baker.

San Diego Comicon table info:

Howard Shum and I will be set up at table #E2. I'll have both volumes of 'Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks" there, if anyone is interested.

And here's the info again for the Spectacular Spider-man Animated Panel, if you have a chance to join us .

ROOM 6CDEF (2,000 seats)

Hope to see y'all there!

22 July 2007

San Diego Comic Con info

Heya, gang! Just droppin the info again about our table #. :) Howard Shum and I will be set up at table #E2. I'll have both volumes of 'Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks" there, if anyone is interested.

And here's the info again for the Spectacular Spider-man Animated Panel, if you have a chance to join us .

ROOM 6CDEF (2,000 seats)

Hope to see y'all there!

18 July 2007

Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right AB AB

If you know the code from back in the day, then welcome to the nerd club.

I was watching Captain N: The Game Master tonight (the complete series), and was inspired to draw him. What a great cartoon it was. It still holds up!

Hope y'all digs!

16 July 2007


Pluggin away at the MOTU line-up (thank you all for diggin the previous posts for it! :)), while watching Power Puff Girls: Season 1. That cartoon is off the heezy for reezy.

I'm having a ton of fun drawing the baddies lately. There are more baddies in the forecast. For now it's raining Beastman, so be sure to bring your umbrella, if you decide to step out. :highfive:

Hope y'all digs!

14 July 2007

Uh... By the Eye of Eternia?

By the power of Grayskull, Prince Adam. It's by the POWER.. By the POWER of Grayskull! JEEZ! I can't take you anywhere, rookie.

Someone, please give Prince Adam a clue.

While I got my brave on and shiz... Shut yo Trap, Jaw! Why ya always go clanking at the grill?!

Goin down the list today of "catch-up".

hope y'all do that dig thang again.

Shell Shock

Howdy howdy! I know you all are still up drawing the nite (in some cases the day) away. who's eyelids are heavier? wouldn't that be a wild game to play? hehe i'm quite the delirious at the mo. miss pillow is tuggin at my lids.

it's been a minute, or 2 or 3, but i needed to get some fun drawing in. and what better way to finish out the night with a hero in a half shell, eh?

hope y'all digs!

ni ni, worldilicious...................z.......zzzzzzz.......!Z.....Z!

28 June 2007

Killian's Vessel pages 11-12, 15-16

Here are some pages that I had done for Aspen's spin-off oneshot, "Killian's Vessel". But another artist was chosen to take over my spot, when I had to turn my focus on the Spider-man Animated series.

I really enjoyed working with Aspen. I took on the project to better myself @ storytelling, so that when I get more time I can tell a better story with Bastion's 7. Speaking of which... Bastion's 7 is well underway, and Mark Smith and I are super duper excited about what we'll be presenting you with for it (more to come about B7 as time comes).

Hope y'all digs!

Hope y'all digs!

27 June 2007

Who wants gelato? I do! U do! We do!

Heya, folks! Who likes dem der gelato? I do! I do! My bud just opened his Mondo Gelato bidness here, in downtown San Diego. If ya have a minute to spare while you're at the con, or even if you're local, then check it out if you're craving some sweet tooth goodness.

Mondo Gelato
435 10th ave
SD, CA 92101
(619) 955-6300

Fri-Sat: 12:30p-Midnight
Sun: 12:30p-10p
Mon: 3:30p-10p
Tues-Thurs: 12:30p-10p

They have a free scoop day tomorrow, the 27th, from 12:30pm-10pm (unless they run out of gelato). 1st scoop is free, every additional scoop is $1. You should stop by!


24 June 2007

San DIego Comicon table #

Heya, Folks!

My bud Howard Shum had an extra space at his table for me to sit during the San Diego Comicon, so I have an official table # for you to find us at. The table # is E2. We'll be sitting right next to our pals Rajesh (emceeONE) and Luca Tieri. Thank you, Howard, Rajesh, and Luca! We all are looking forward to seeing whomever can make it out.

And...... WOWSAS!!! Thank you for all for your responses about Spidey Animated!

21 June 2007

Spidey Animated announced!

Hey, gang! Thank you all for your enthusiasm about the new Spidey project. My bud Jonboy sent me this link this morning. [url]http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0706/21/index.htm[/url] , so I thought I'd share it with ya.

20 June 2007

San Diego Comic Con

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! My buds Jonboy Meyers and Mark Irwin let me squeeze in at their table for Comic Con in July here in San Diego. Thank you, guys!

We'll give ya the table # when it's been assigned. We hope you all will stop by and shoot the breeze!

19 June 2007

Heroes Con was WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all..... wowowowowow! I have to say Heroes Con is one of the most amazing cons I have ever attended. A big thank you to Shelton, Casey, and Tim Townsend for having my buds Jonboy Meyers, Joey Mason, and myself out there. We all had a blast. It's truly the con for artists. I haven't done many east coast cons, but I will be doing more in the future.

I had the chance to meet up with my buds Mark Irwin, Robin Mitchell, Alberto Ruiz, Sanford Greene, Keron Grant, Dexter Vines, Andy Kuhn, Derec Donovan, Skottie Young, Josh Middleton, Chris Walker, Mark Brooks, Craig Rousseau, Randy Green, Chris Copeland, Justin Copeland, Kizer, Will Caligan, Jason Pearson, Franchesco/ his wifey Lisa, Josh, Diane, Dwayne, and many more.

I saw Rosario Dawson for the first time in person.... I am speachless at how beautiful she is in person. :heart:

I finally got to meet super talented Mike Weiringo, Todd Dezago, Brian Stelfreeze, Cully Hamner, Gus, and John Beatty! Man, was Mike and John tearing up the pingpong table.

It was amazing to get to meet the DC Comics staff (Dan, Jann, Mike S., Nate, Michelle), and get to know them over dinner and some hanging out.

The books went better than I thought. I took 100 books, sold 3/4 of them on Friday, and sold out of them by Saturday. Thank you everyone for stopping by to make that happen, but most importantly thank you to you all for making me smile from your enthusiasm throughout the weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and I can't wait to see you all again in conventions to come.

Here's to hoping everyone had a pleasant trip back.

05 June 2007

Heroes Con table info

Just got word today that tables were assigned. Joe Pekar 813, Jonboy Meyers 814, Sean Galloway 815. We'll be making faces, and throwing stuff at our bud, Alberto Ruiz, who'll be camped out across from us, while he sits snug at his booth. :) All of us will have our sketchbooks to sell as well as prints. My good bud, Joey Mason, will be sitting next to me, and he'll have his sketchbooks, and prints to sell, too.

Alberto will have most of the Brand Studio books there to sell, but Joe Pekar, and I will have ours at our tables, so we can get up close and personal with you all. :)

Hope to see ya all in Charolette this month!

03 June 2007

MOTU line-up

I was sitting at Borders today tightening up some of the characters for my Heman print for Heroes con.

01 June 2007

Printh Adamos

Here is a Heman pin-up I'm doing. I decided to pass up the pin-up for cerealgeek due to heavy deadlines. It's a great book, and you all should pick it up. :) here's a link to peep more about it. http://cerealgeek.com/

now that doesn't mean i won't finish the the pin-up. now i can relax and do it proper. :)

hope y'all digs!

28 May 2007

Autobots...ROLL OUT

annnnnnnnnnnnd here we are. :)

ni ni, folks. i be tired. miss pillow just tugged on my eyelids.

hope y'all digs!

27 May 2007

U silly girl, U!

She's just silly, ain't she? Girl... those are supposed to cover..... aw... neva mind! hahahahahaha

This is dedicated for the Art Institute class I spoke to this afternoon. It's of the model we drew today. My bud, Wattana, invited me to come as a guest speaker at the San Diego Art Institute. The class has so much talent, and I wish them all the best in their journies.

Work hard now, and play harder later.

Wattana came up with a really cool idea. What happened was we all did some life drawing, and inbetween that we had several Q&A's.

I spoke to them about some of the ups and downs about the industry, and let them pick my brain a bit about how I execute my work. Thank you for letting me talk your ear off today, folks. And my apologies if I went off on tangents.

hope ya all digs!

25 May 2007

Meeko Soup n Sandwich

The 2 Meekos are getting their sandwich on and Cheeko doesn't mind a'tall.

I was inspired by flipping through my 'Fresh Fruits' book tonight, while chillaxin' with some pals, at a coffee cottage to rekindle some creative juice.

These are going towards my gallery exhibit I hope to have in the near future.

***Update for Heroes Con***** I was able to get Friday off for the Heroes Con, so I'll be there all 3 days of the convention. Hope to see whomever can make it!*****

Hope y'all digs!

Hope y'all digs!

18 May 2007

Roll out!

I drew this up tonight without reference, while kicking it with some pals at a coffee shop, tonight. I wanted to test my memory, and give homage to the G1 Transformers, but with a slight updated tweak here and there.

Hope y'all digs!

Hope y'all digs!

06 May 2007

Hang tight, Ed!!!! Cavalry's on the way!

:) Anyone going to Heroes con in June? If so I hope to see y'all there!

29 April 2007


I was doing some work today, and thought I'd have some "Sean" time. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for fun drawing today, so i thought long and hard of some of my favorite cartoons, and Full Metal Alchemist being one of them had me on a mission.

hope y'all digs!

28 April 2007

Mailing update for Sketchbooks

Howdy, all! Just droppin ya some Saturday afternoon lovin'. Because of a REALLY busy couple of weeks, I played catch-up, and I spent a good few hours doodling in the sketchbooks you all bought, to say I luff you. :) Nothing like starting a day off drawing 50 head sketches, right? hehe So after that I went to the post office and mailed out all the orders that were purchased up to April 21st. Orders that were purchased from the 22nd of April to the present will be mailed out during this coming week or this coming weekend.

Big thank you to my bud, Fred, for helping me prep them for the mailing. Thank you to the postal clerk for her dealing with all the boxes! haha

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


25 April 2007

Hotter den Hades

Wot a turn out it was last night at Hades. LOVE that spot. The models are very crafty, and love holding the long poses. Thanks again to my buds Jeff, and Dan for inviting me to the powwow. Next, we have to get our bud Mark to go..

Hope y'all digs!