29 April 2006

Fallen Savior

The Top 2 are from a few years back, but lately I have been wanting to update it, so I did the bottom row last night. :)

lright- here is the explanation behind this piece. I love drawing images, having people interact showing some type of relationship. I am all about putting feelings behind my artwork (as we all are right?) (that's a given) In this piece I wanted to show that the X-men, no matter how bad-ass they are, are a family no matter what they face. As you see here Wolverine and Storm are sharing a bond. Storm's expression is showing her relieved to see an old friend as she reaches up to him with the look of "yeah, I'm all right" Wolverine always the comforting rough-and-tough, mofo reaches out to his sister-like friend. In the background Colossus is holding Shadowcat. For those who aren't familiar with these characters; Colossus dated Shadowcat. I have him in his flesh form on purpose to show his tender side. She is so fatigued from the battle, with the Sentinel, she has to slump over. Her dragon Lockheed is mourning over her. Lockheed and Shadowcat share their love like a pet and owner. Lockheed touches her hair feeling sorrow. I eventually want to include Nightcrawler in this one to show the religious aspect of it. I'll have him kneeling down away from the rest of the X-men. He'll be holding a cross tightly, between his hands while saying a prayer.

22 April 2006

Eva Felt the Need To Get Away?

Heya, gang. Huddle up. Here's the deal. I am slowly going through some of my older images and updating them. Here's the link to the original. http://www.deviantart.com/view/1754822/
OK! Break! Make sure to cross my path so I can give you each a 'good game'. Keep in mind, it's all professional. hahaha Hey, you! Yeah, YOU! Yeah, I'm talkin to ya. Don't look around. I saw ya sneakin out of the huddle. Bring your tail back here for a good game! Or would ya just settle for a high five?

19 April 2006

Bastion's 7 panel 2 revised

Heya, y'all! Welp here's panel 2 for page 1 of Bastion's 7 (my creator owned story). I'm reworking the whole page to make it more exciting and etc. Sorry to strain your eyes, but I promise color will seperate what's going on in the panel. All things will come together when it goes to print in our Low Orbit anthology, through Image Comics.

Big thank you to my friends for inspiring me to push harder with my works.

Hope y'all digs!

Art: Sean "Cheeks' Galloway

15 April 2006


...can we talk bout this first?

i wanted to revisit some of my past time favorite characters. This guy's name is Dexter, from Space Ace. Manomanoman, this concept, game, and cartoon was way before it's time.

hope y'all digs!

Art: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

12 April 2006

Teen Titans Go! cover 33

Respects to Norman Rockwell, my all time favorite artist.

11 April 2006

Amazing Joy Buzzards backcover issue 5 colored

Amazing Joy Buzzards backcover #5

Heya, dudes and dudettes! I just wrapped up the pencils of the new backcover for my buddy, Mark Smith's Amazing Joy Buzzards comic.

Funny story.... Alina and I had dinner with a bunch of swell peeps, a couple weeks back, up in LA. Mark Smith was one of them there. He and I were enjoying some Pho King soup. DAMN YOU TRIPE AND BEEF BRISKET FOR BEING THE OHHHHHHHHHHH SO YUMMY.... addictin lil buggas! mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... It's quite the tasty- eh, Mark? hahaha

So anywho, I asked Mark how his own creator owned book that he writes, Amazing Joy Buzzards, was coming along, and he said it was going tighter than a pair of butt cheeks. (Well.. he said it was going cool, but I thought it'd be spicier to improv it being about a tight pair of butt cheeks. )

AHEM... So I says, "Macdaddy Mark. What say you lemme do anotha backcova for your kick-ass book." He says "Yo, fool, dig this.... I in fact need a backcover done... Can you handle it?"

What was I to say???? WHAT was I TO say? I jumped on it like white on rice.

Hope y'all digs!

Art: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

(the ol' wristband is going on, so I color this puppy up tonight. I LOVE all-nighters.)

09 April 2006

It's Vulcan colored

HAHAHA So yeah, here it is in color. I had a kick doing up this one. I couldn't put it down. Now Imma gonna email it to pops. Hope he poops his pants. hahahaha

08 April 2006

Vulc University

HEHEHE Welp, I was in Borders today and came across a Spock article, and thought it'd be fun to draw a nostalgic character and twist it a bit. Not sure if my pops would approve since he's a Trekky. HAHA