27 October 2007


Heya, gang.... I am so relieved that you all who were near or involved with the fires are doing well. I'm sorry to hear about your homes, and the struggles the events have caused you. My prayers are going out to you as well as other's prayers. Thank you also for your concerns about me, too. That was sweet of you all.

With that said:
I LOOOOOVE this comic. The Cryptics are fantastic, and I was really stoked when Benjamin Roman asked me to do a pin-up for it.

Hope y'all digs!

14 October 2007


I was behind on some of the daily challenges with some pals of mine because i was sidetracked with wrapping up some stuff. so here's my take on Akuma..

Hope y'all digs!

12 October 2007

are we there yet?

i had to give a shout out to some classic x-men. i miss them terribly.

hope y'all digs!

11 October 2007

I'm a lil teapot...

... short and stout. i was too scurred to change Wolvie's costume up, but what i did want to accomplish was to make him feel like he's a runt, and a powerhouse from the waist up.

hope y'all digs!

09 October 2007

U still talkin, Punk?

I couldn't resist another pass with Lion-O, and possibly the other members of the Thundercats. :)
For this version I wanted to incorporate a bit more homage into the clothing from the his original 80's design, but just a bit. hahaha :P

On a different note:
Last night, I watched the new anime movie that came out recently called Tekkonkinkreet. I was blown away by the style they brought to it in the art, and the story. I didn't want it to end, but sadly enough it did, so in order to get over those blues I'll have to punish myself and watch it again,and again, and again!!!!!

Hope y'all digs!

06 October 2007

B Aggressive! B! B! Aggressive!

I was sitting in Borders today....i know... i know... "so tell us something we don't already know!!!" right?!

so anyway, i was wanting to challenge myself
and draw stuff i don't normally draw, so i chose sports. as much as i do love sports, i can't give you a reason why i haven't done it up more often, except that i like drawing comic book-type stuff. today i made an exception because i wanted to extend my knowledge by tackling things i find difficult to draw, so voila!

the basketball player was revised, after a few friends suggested to make the shilouette <-- (sp?) easier to read. what i did was make the ball-carrying hand more open, and show a bit more punch to his bang theory. thanx, y'all for your thoughts, on thursday.

welp....it was a blast to beat the crap out of my paper(s) again. hehehe

i hope y'all do that dig thang!

04 October 2007


Earlier today something happened. I saw some artwork that literally kicked me in the crotch. It was so breathtaking that it knocked the wind out of me; no joke. While looking at it I realized how much more I need to learn on a skill level, and how much I was lacking knowledge-wise with my own stuff, so tonight, I had to beat up my paper. "That's what you get, paper! Don't ever look at me all blank and shiz!"

hope y'all digs!

01 October 2007

Mac N Ham N da 3 cheeses

"Lately, I'vvvvvvve had the strangest feeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiing...."

Ahem.... sorry, Jodeci popped into the ol' noggin, while typing this. Don't turn your head. YEAH, you. You know who the group is, and you still love that song.

I've been trying to capture more story of people that we come in contact with everyday, so I've been looking through magazines for inspiration for this line-up, and the line to follow after this one. I don't let flipping through the zines hinder me from a creative standpoint, but what it does is help replenish my mental library.

Welp, Gangaliciousnesses.... I just wrapped these up. I had a lot of fun with them. Dang, them 'zines really do inspire and help rebuild up that mental library, when you're havin a brainfart.

Hope y'all digs!

Hope y'all digs!