31 May 2011

Heroes Con 2011 and my 2011 artbook update

Good morning, everyone! 

Hope your weekend went well. :)

Who's coming to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this coming weekend?   One of my favorite cons, so I'm attending it, and I'll be sitting at AA-613.

Hope to see y'all there!

Also in current news....

It's been a crazy-busy first quarter this year, so many, many, MANY apologies for the lack of updates on my part.

For starters,  a couple of exciting projects in the works.  I'll be able to reveal them soon enough.  :)

I signed off on the proofs for my 2011 art book, Cheeks: Still Together. The book will be first available at San Diego 2011.

Here's the 411 about Cheeks: Still Together:

-It's hardback
-Wrap-around cover w/spot varnish
-140 pages (3/4 of the book is unseen art to the public)
-Full color
-Head sketches for all pre-orders.
-Pre-orders will be available shortly, and like last year, I'll mail them out ASAP the day after I get back from San Diego Comic Con.

Also I have some unresolved bidness which is to announce the runner-ups for the name title contest for Cheeks: Still Together.  I'll announce them along with a recap of the winner before heading to Heroes Con.
The winner receives 2 copies and a head sketch in both and the runner-ups will get 1 copy with a head sketch.  Head sketches are of your choice. :)

Very important ...just a heads up, last year some of the runner-ups didn't claim their prize.  I'd hate for you to go unrewarded, so please check to see if you won when I post the journal or if someone knows of the person that won please tug on their shirt to let them know.  I believe I mentioned 4 runner-ups will get a copy, but I'll have to check an earlier post to verify. :)

I think that's it for now!

23 May 2011

Doctor Doom-Doom-Doom-Dooooom


Been on a fan art kick.  Here is my W.I.P. of my take on the Disney/Marvel merge.  Dr. Doom caught in his daily ritual.   hehe

Hope y'all digs!

21 May 2011

Mighty Avengers Auction piece for Heroes Con: Charlotte, NC

W.I.P. #1 and #2 of my Mighty Avengers auction piece I'm doing for Heroes Con/Charlotte.  One of my favorites cons for sure.   Looking forward to the con, and hope to see you all there in a couple of weeks!

Hope y'all digs!

05 May 2011

Warm-down girl 1


This started out as a warm-up I did earlier.  For a warm-down I did a tighter rough pass and splashed a lil color.

These warm-ups and warm-downs that I'm doing is for a calendar that I'm putting together for San Diego Comic Con 2011.


Hope y'all digs!