01 December 2009

Ironman is sooooo.....

...fun to draw dagnabit! Here's 20 approved Ironman cards, I'm doing for Upperdeck, to share with ya. Can ya tell I dig the classic costume? heheheh I think I kinda feel bad for the sketchcard collectors by making the montages gigantuousnesses!!! Sorry in advance. Someone dare me to do a bigger card count!

A slew of us are partaking in the fun. So far I have drawn 50 out of my 200.... EEK! Speaking of which... I gotsta get back to inkering and markering up mo'!

Hope you all had a nice weekend and nice Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it like I do.

Hope y'all digs!


Fabian said...

200 cards?? You have lots of work, but they are looking beyond amazing! :)

Wayne B. Medina said...

dude it's looking on point man! who needs sleep right lol

LaStrìa said...

Hello! I’m Chiara from Italy (I’m sorry for my English..)
Everything you do it’s fantastic!
We’ve studied your way to doing your characters at school! Your synthesis is great!
If you want, look at my profile and tell me what you think about my works!
Thanks! :)

AVS said...

muy bueno.

Tony DiStefano said...

Cheeks this Iron man is just filled with strength of drafting and appeal.Not to mention dynamics!
I read the Lastria compliment. People in Italy, The pinnacle of artistc brillance ,are studying your work.And they sure have good reason too.

Justin Rodrigues said...

Dude you knocked these out of the park! But then again you always do.

Justin said...

Love your work...BUT it is going to really stink for the person who pulls the upper right hand card of that vertical puzzle or the upper left hand card of the horizontal puzzle. Seperate those from the rest of the puzzle and you have some pretty lame cards that someone will be saying "what the *bleep* is this supposed to be?"
The challenge of puzzles is making sure every card of the puzzle has something cool going on that can stand on its own if the puzzle never gets completed.

Dario Brizuela said...


I love this work Sean!

Tal Moscovici said...

Wow, I'm really jealous of your work. Sick blog!

Danny Araya said...

your shapes have so much appeal dude, love 'em.

Cheeks said...

thank you so much, everyone. you're all sweethearts!

Thank you, Fabian!

Wayne, sleep is for the weak... no, I lie... hahaha and thank you!

Hi Chiara, thank you so much for the blushing moment. Please, let everyone in Italy thank you for me!

Gracias, AVS.

You're too nice, Justin, thank you.

Justin, you are right, and I hope Upperdeck makes the choice of taking that card out, so no one gets the heel. Now I know to be sure to add some elements worthy of all the cards.

Thank you, Dario, Tal, and Danny!!
Tony, you alway get me in the heart. I can't thank you enough.