17 December 2009

2010 Artbook name contest

Heya, thugs, and thugettes.  

Thank you all for being a constant inspiration to me and to a ton of others. It's that time to give back... And what better way of doing that than to hold the annual Cheeks' artbook name contest. Bottom line is I need a title for my 2010 artbook... Last year, It was a blast to see what your witty noggins could come up with, so Imma continue it as a tradition, what say you? The winning title for last year's artbook is Cheeks:UNCLENCHED.  

The rules..... None really... Except keep it clean, yo! Or at least witty and almost over the line.  

deadline is January 5th.  

The prize: Last year you all wanted the prize to be my Glamour Shot photos for your desks, but this year, and believe me when I say it tears me apart inside, it'll be just the my 2010 artbook. Don't give me the stink eye, you! Not cool. I can only do so much, and let's just face it, I ain't as purdy as last year. Bummer, right? Aging stinks for me. How it works is, whomever I choose as the winner will get 2 free copies of the book, signed, and with a head-sketch. One copy for you and one copy for any friend or family I choose... ahem.. I mean you choose.  

My previous books I have a theme....for the past 5 years I used word play for my titles, of course you probably already picked up on that. :P  

My books from oldest to newest were called: 
1)Got Cheeks?  
2)Had Cheeks Want More? 
3)Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks (Vol.1 and Vol.2)  
4)Spread the Cheeks 

My final decision is TBD (basically when I have time to read over them :P). HEHEHE  

Who's ready to fight? Bring it on! Oh, and good luck, champs!


Here's a http://cheeks-74.deviantart.com/journal/ to some other entires over in my Deviant Art journal.


rico said...

"Just a Pinch of Cheeks"

Jake said...

Turn the Other Cheek?

Joe Karg, Chris Bivins, and Adam Ford said...

"Cheekos and Cheekas?"

SeV said...

Smooth Cheeks

Joshua Wysocki said...

"A pat on the cheeks"

"Cheekeus Maximus"

Julian said...

Dig right in the Cheeks

Gaze Upon the Cheeks

Can't Get Enough Cheeks

Look, But Don't Touch Cheeks

Cheeks Ahoy!

Spankin' Cheeks

Cheeks Never Looked So Good

More Cheeks than You Can Handle

Cheeks R Us

Settle down with Cheeks

Up the Cheeks and Around the Corner

Everybody Loves Cheeks

Cheeks: Size Matters

Cheeks Need Love Too

Be Gentle with Cheeks

Cheeks: No Rough Stuff

Simple Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks

Cheeks Done Right

Some Cheeks to Remember

Enough Cheeks to Go Around

Cheeks with Class

Cheeks Say it All

Ton of Cheeks

Can't Resist Cheeks

Joe Romano 2 said...

"Between the Cheeks"


Joe Romano 2 said...

"There's something stuck between my Cheeks"

" No Seriously...take a look between my Cheeks"

"Loooook into my Cheeeeeks"

"Squeeze your Cheeks and Cough"

"Pucker up Your Cheeks"

"Will You Look at the Size of Those Cheeks"

Joe Romano 2 said...

Get lost between the Cheeks

BowCHEEKAwawaw.....ok now I'm reaching a bit

Sung Jin said...

"Cheek to Cheek"

Diggin yo stuff!

Charlay said...

slap em cheeks
cheeks for geeks
cheeks and geeks
to cheeks or not to cheeks
peek at the cheeks
peek at those cheeks
bouncing cheeks
wow, look at those cheeks
love em cheeks
cover those cheeks
dueling cheeks
sweaty cheeks
meat on those cheeks

thndrcat said...

Cheeks: Full Moon edition

Chubby Cheeks

Rosey Cheeks

This Cheeks were made for drawing: And that's just what he'll do!

Julian said...

Attack of the Cheeks

Cheeks Make the World Go Round

Cheeks: Bottoms Up

Awe Inspiring Cheeks

All Good Things Come in Cheeks

Rock Solid Cheeks

Meet the Cheeks

Focus on Cheeks

Heads up, Cheeks Down

Suffocating Cheeks

The Cheeks that Bind

thndrcat said...

Nothing "but" Cheeks.

Cheeks: You've been mooned!

Jenn said...

Trick or Cheeks

Pinchin the Cheeks

Spank em Cheeks

Cheeky Cheeks

Christian Liesch said...

Need Cheeks?

Julian said...

Cheeks Unloaded

In Cheeks We Trust

Peanut Butter and Cheeks

Cheeks United

Cheeks Wide Shut

Cheeks In Heat

No Cheeks Left "Behind"

A "Tail" of Two Cheeks

Lost in Cheeks

Cheeks: Pound for Pound

Incoming Cheeks

Twin Mountain Cheeks

Say Cheeks!

Clap for Cheeks

Tighty Whitey Cheeks

Cheeks: Open Sesame

Cheeks Never Say Close

Cheeks: Tunnel Vision

Nearsighted Cheeks

Watch Out for Those Cheeks!

Cheeks: Bullseye

X Marks the Cheeks

Cheeks: Enter Only

Up the Cheeks Without a Paddle

Cross Your Cheeks

Cheeks: Get A Grip

Read My Cheeks

Reach Around Cheeks

Alone in the Cheeks

chloe said...

Cheeks à gogo

chez Cheek

Cheeks? Mais oui!

Cheeks c'est chic

ooh la la! It's Cheek!

Izuma said...

Cheeky Monkey!

pointpusher said...


Cheeks said...

Looking good so far, everyone!

I just updated the bottom of the blog description for the contest. I added a link to my Deviant Art journal, so you can see the other entries.

troy said...

I can see it now...

"Booty booty booty butt booty butt CHEEKS!"

CrackAttackKid said...

Not Those Cheeks


The Cheeks Shall Inherit The Earth

Colm Griffin said...

face down cheeks up?

Colm Griffin said...

Cheeks: deserve a good seeing too!

Colm Griffin said...

Cheeks: everything but my butthole
ok I know you can't use that but it sure would be an awesome title for a book

Colm Griffin said...

Cheeks: Stuffed full of goodness

Stiven said...

CookBook of the Mr. Cheeks! :)

Christian Liesch said...

Cheeks adicted need more?

dan pinto said...

Cheeks: Brand Spankin' New

Rosey Cheeks

Cheeks: Pinched

Colm Griffin said...

Cheeks: get all up in it.

'Read between the Cheeks'

vonholdt said...

Bare Cheeks

Mike Boldt said...

"The Good, the Bad, and the Cheeks"

For the ones I Love said...

Clap your cheeks!

John said...


Jason Schloss said...

"(Writing A) Blank Cheek"

"Cheek and Destroy"

"Easy as 1, 2, Cheek!"

"Cheek Mythology"

"Cheeks in the Gallows"

"Polished Cheeks"


Big Cheeks!, Big Ideas!


Cheeks:The Bare Truth!

Julian said...

Make Way for Cheeks

Heeeeeeeeeeere's Cheeks!

Cheeks All Over

Back Up the Cheeks

Cheeks Fulfilled

Can't Wait for Cheeks

Timeless Cheeks

Everlasting Cheeks

Real Cheeks Have Curves

Rip Roarin' Cheeks!

The Cheeks that Keep On Givin'

Put a Smile on Your Cheeks

Sufficient Cheeks

Astonishing Cheeks

Your Favorite Cheeks

Surrender to Cheeks

Cheeks, Please

Get Your Own Cheeks

There's Nothing Like Cheeks

Full of Cheeks

It's a Cheeks Thang

Politically Cheeks

Free Your Cheeks

Cheeks to the Rescue!

Take a Peek at Cheeks

Naughty Cheeks

It's Just Cheeks

The Big Cheeks

Kevo said...

Everything's coming up rosey (Cheeks)

Anonymous said...

Cheeks.....The Full Spread.

Euphoric Avatar said...

I don't know if these have been said yet but how about:

Cheeks: Locked and loaded
Cheeks: Back for more
Cheeks: Crack it open
Cheeks: lookin' tight
Cheeks: Now that's tight
Cheeks: Bigger and Better than before
Cheeks: Crackin' Up
Cheeks: Time for a new pencil
How about a smile on those Cheeks
Put a smile on your Cheeks
Cheeks: You've seen the rest
Cheeks: I spy with my little eye

Doris' said...

Cheeks: Super Glutes
(maybe even use a "as seen on tv" logo with a parody of the dude hanging by his helmet)
Do my cheeks look big in this book?

Crazy Piranha said...

Chiny Cheeks :p

Jeremy said...

Cheeky Bastard!

could be editted with symbols...

Running Up Hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Running Up Hills said...

Well, Here is what I came up with. Hope ya digs (as you would say ;D)

Between the cheeks
Cheeky business
He who cheeks last cheeks best
The cheekier side of life
All cheeked out
Loose cheeks
Cheeks: Ride it out
Cheeks: Sit back and ride
May contain cheeks
Cheek Drawings
Cheeks today, Thong tomorrow
Cheekish behavior
Cheeks: the GRIPPING details
Cheeks: Dare to Stare
Take a good look at my cheeks
I Cheeks Touch
Cheeks for all occasions
Cheeks: Sprawled Out
Cheeks: New Seating Arrangement
Cheeks: Upgrade your seats
Cheeks: Crammed
Cheeks: The Tight Squeeze
Cheeks by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet
Cheeks: Wide Spread
Cheeks: Shapes & Sizes
Cheeks: Well Ridden
Cheeks: Larger than Life
Cheeks: Pimples and Dimples
Cheeks: From front to back
Cheeks: TIGHT lines in LOOSE times
Cheeks: Cavity Search
Cheeks: Funky Fresh
Cheeks: More to hold on to
Cheeks: The Clenching
Get a load a’ them CHEEKS
Cheeks of all shades

Julie H. said...

Holding a pencil between Cheeks

Andry said...

"Cheeks this out!"

Doris' said...

Dimples or pimples: What's on your cheeks?

Doris' said...

Cheeky Keen
Cheekybahn: art with no limit

Euphoric Avatar said...

Cheeks: Open Wide

Hungry for more Cheeks?

Cheeks: The more the merrier

I am Cheeks, hear me roar!

Cheeks: Open for business

Cheeks: Get an eyeful

Cheeks: Commando style

Cheeks, Going Commando

Looking for more Cheeks

Cheeks: 2 of a kind

Cheeks, What a pair

Cheeks letting loose

Cheeks: Get in the groove

Cheeks: Back in the grove

More Cheeks, can you handle it?

More Cheeks than you can shake a stick at.

Cheeks: Take a look inside

Take a look inside Cheeks

Cheeks Vol.6 Crack it open

Cheeks Vol.6 Dig deep

Cheeks Vol.6 Digging Deeper

Inside Cheeks

Cheeks: Give 'em a squeeze

Julian said...

Cheeks: Cover Every Inch

Cheeks like You've Never Seen 'Em Before

It's Thick, It's Full, It's Cheeks!

Navigate the Cheeks

Cheeks: Real Eye Candy

Cheeks: For Your Viewing Pleasure

Cheeks: Get 'em While it's Hot!

Cheeks: Make 'em Yours

Spend Quality Time with Cheeks

Nothing 'But Cheeks'

Cheeks: Hold on Tight!

Your Only Source of Cheeks

The Original Cheeks

Presenting Cheeks In Full Glory

Mesmerizing Cheeks

Get an Eye Full of Cheeks!

tragic_antihero said...

Here are a few suggestions:

1.Cheeks in the mail
2.Cheeks on Cheeks
3.Cheeks: napalm
4.Cheeks: bump & grind
5.Cheeks . . . on the way to the gallows
6.Cheeks: The Gallow’s Way
7.Animated Cheeks
8.Cheeks: hardcore
9.Hardcore Cheeks
10.Cheeks: softcore
11.Softcore Cheeks
12.Cheeks: aphrodisiac
13.Cheeks: chocolate
14.Chocolate Cheeks
15.Cheeks: the dark mark
16.Cheeks: the light at the end of the tunnel
17.Cheeks: the crack of dawn
18.Cheeks drawn from life
19.Cheeks: drawn from life
20.Cheeks of Fury
21.Better livin’ through Cheeks
22.Cheeks: the sea n’ the gallow’s way
23.Cheeks: Rock Hard
24.Rock Hard Cheeks
25.Cheeks: Hard Candy
26.Cheeks: between two mountains
27.Cheeks: batten down the hatches
28.Cheeks: the dark side
29.The dark side of Cheeks
30.Cheeks: Emissions Check
31.Cheeks of steel
32.Cheeks: through the looking glass
33.Cheeks: in through the out door
34.Cheeks: back door man
35.Cheeks: Brownies
36.Cheeks: Chocolate Chip Cookies
37.Cheeks: Live, in your hands!
38.The Good, The Bad & The Cheeks
39.The Wonderful World of Cheeks
40.Cheeks, animated
41.Cheeks: the light of day
42.Cheeks: Surf & Turf
43.Cheeks, on display
44.Cheeks: snake charmer
45.Cheeks . . . upon closer inspection
46.Cheeks . . . up close and personal
47.Cheeks . . . kinda’ blue
48.Cheeks: gas attacks and other artistic triumphs
49.Cheeks: Epic Win
50.Cheeks: Epic Fail
51.Cheeks: flush
52.The Cheeks are due on Maple Street
53.Long Live Cheeks
54.Not all Cheeks are alike
55.A nice Cheeks to visit
56.Cheeks: Afterglow
57.A thing for Cheeks
58.The Eye of the Cheeks
59.The Trouble with Cheeks
60.A most unusual Cheeks
61.Cheeks: Back There
62.Cheeks: on the rim
63.Valley of the Cheeks
64.I dream of Cheeks
65.Cheeks at the speed of sound
66.Cheeks: mile high
67.Cheeks: Night Calls
68.Cheeks: bed side manner
69.What’s in the Cheeks?
70.The Cheeks of Fear
71.The man from Cheeks
72.Behold, the power of Cheeks
73.I, Cheeks
74.Cheeks: Probe
75.Cheeks: Cowboys & Indians
76.Cheeks: Sticky Wicket
77.Cheeks: Divided We Stand
78.Cheeks: The More I See You
79.Cheeks: Hanky, Panky
80.Cheeks: Out of Gas
81.Cheeks: Runnin’ on empty
82.From the point of view of Cheeks
83.Cheeks Fatigue
84.Cheeks takes a holiday
85.A Cheeks for all seasons
86.Give ‘em Cheeks, Sean!
87.Cheeks: the moon is not blue!
88.Oh, my aching Cheeks!
89.Cheeks: Nude
90.Cheeks: Bomb’s Away!
91.Cheeks . . . oh, say can you see
92.Cheeks: Fortunate Son
93.Cheeks: Star Spangled
94.Cheeks over America
95.Cheeks: A Yankee’s Doodles
96.Cheeks: Fireworks
97.Cheeks in a time of Californication
98.Cheeks: in the midnight hour
99.Cheeks: a twinkle in the eye
100.Cheeks: the highs and the lows of it
I'll post more later . . . hopefully.

Julian said...

Raw Doggin' Cheeks

Cheeks: Yeah, It's that Important

Cheeks: Peel through the Layers

Cheeks: Instant Gratifcation

Cheeks: Larger than Life

Oops! I see Cheeks!

Cheeks: Quality AND Quantity

There's Always Room for Cheeks

Cheeks: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Cheeks: Come See What You're Missing

Cheeks: Ripe for the Pickin'

Same Cheeks, Differen't Year

Jam-Packed Cheeks

Cheeks: Stuffed to Capacity

Cheeks: Enjoy the View

Cheeks: Now in Season

Tongue in Cheeks

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Cheeks: Plumb The Depths

Cheeks: Plumbers Crack

Cheeks In Yo Face

Cheeks: Dimples and All

Cheeks: Rear Ends

Cheeks: Pffffft

What's That Smell? The Art of Cheeks

luiboi said...


Julian said...

Eye Spy Cheeks

Embrace Cheeks

You're Invited to Cheeks

Cheeks: You'll Want to Stare Forever

Cheeks: Journey the Abyss

Cheeks: Explore in Depth

The Details Are In the Cheeks

Doris' said...

Cheek & Destroy
The Cheeks shall inherit the Earth
2 Cheeks Notice
The Book that launched a 1000 Cheeks

Crazy Piranha said...

LOOOOOL Dori's ( Cheek and distroy) I love this one

chloe said...

Cheeks? J'ADORE

Doris' said...

my bad, didn't notice Cheek & Destroy and Cheek shall inherit the Earth was used already.... great minds think alike.

Cheeky Faucets
Cheekity Do Dah!
Dark side of the Cheeks
Twin cheeks
Cheeks: Jovial Buttocks and/or constricted facial muscles
Are you cheeking at me?
Cheeking Tom
Cheeks & Chong: Up in Art

(haven't checked if any of these were already used. If so, sorry in advance. First post gets credit anyway) Merry X-Mas all!

bizr007 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bizr007 said...

Got more Cheeks?

Brendan T said...

Unpolished Cheeks
Cheeks of the World
Cheeks vs. Zombies
Return of the Revenge of the Bride of Cheeks

Rekha Thorat said...

Chronicles of cheeks

Julian said...

Cheeks: Let Your Fingers Do the Walkin'

Cheeks Service

Service with Some Cheeks

Cheeks: It's Fantastic!

No Cheeks Unturned

And Then There Were Cheeks...

No Cheeks Like the One I Got

You Wan't Cheeks? You Can't Handle the Cheeks!

What's in Your Cheeks?

It's a Thin Line Between Cheeks

Always Cheeks

Cheeks: Nobody Does it Better

Don't Judge A Book By its Cheeks

Julian said...

Cheeks: Inside Out

Great Piece of Cheeks

Iron Clad Cheeks

There's Something About Cheeks

What's Up Cheeks?

Some Like it With Cheeks

Cheeks Don't Fail Me Now

Picture These Cheeks

Cheeks: It's What's Inside that Counts

Cheeks: Open and Shut

Behind Every Great Book Are Cheeks

Cheeks: Onlookers Welcomed

Cheeks: In Peak Condition

Cheeks: Perfectly Natural

Cheeks: Too Close for Comfort

Cheeks: Breaking Boundaries

kfink said...

"Cheek your Mind"

tragic_antihero said...

How about:
Cheeks: it takes a lickin'
Cheeks: its gotta be clean, its gotta be tight
Cheeks:the spirit of '76

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks: shock & awe
Heart shaped Cheeks

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe,
Cheeks: the smell of success.

tragic_antihero said...

or perhaps,
Cheeks: Pucker

tragic_antihero said...

. . . or maybe, an homage to some album titles:

Cheeks: The Dark Side of The Moon

Sean Galloway and the Mysterious production of Cheeks

Six Years of Cheeks

Have you fed the Cheeks?

Modern Life is Cheeks

All it takes is a little Cheeks

Blinking lights and other Cheeks

These Cheeks are not a cold dead place

The Cheeks you can reach with your hand

Good news for people who love Cheeks

My secret is my Cheeks

Never mind the Bollocks, here's Cheeks

It's beautiful, it's Cheeks

Doing the Cheeks

Cheeks Nation

Here's where the Cheeks come in

Finally, the artists are taking Cheeks

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe,
breaking the panel, spreadin' the cheeks

tragic_antihero said...


Pop Culture and the Cheeks that roared

The once and future Cheeks

Art in a time of Cheeks

The adventures of Sean & Cheeks

Cheeks: insertion point

Cheeks: rubbin' it out

Cheeks: tales from the dark side

It's always sunny on the Cheeks

Cheeks: It's always sunny here

Cheeks: Feel the sunshine

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks: open wide and say ah!

tragic_antihero said...

or perhaps
Cheeks: Bookends

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks: That's no moon

Julian said...

Cheeks: Better In Than Out

Cheeks: Sneak A Peek

Cheeks: Come Poke Around

Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Something From Cheeks

Less Talk, More Cheeks

Cheeks: Wearin' the Pants

Cheeks: In Sight, In Mind

Cool Cheeks

Armed to the Cheeks

Apple of Your Cheeks

Cheeks: Barge Right In

Living Hand to Cheeks

Cheeks: The Naked Truth

Pardon My Cheeks

Over the River and Through the Cheeks

Cheeks: In the Bitter End

Cheeks: Stink to High Heaven

Scrapin' the Bottom of the Cheeks

Two Thumbs Up, Cheeks/ Cheeks: Two Thumbs Up

Cheeks: Touch and Go

Cheeks: Everything it's Cracked Up to Be

Cheeks: Clean As a Whistle

Cheeks: Chock Full

Cheeks: Cookin' with Gas

Cheeks: Caught with Pants Down

Close But No Cheeks

If the Cheeks Fit....

Cheeks: The Bottom Line

Cheeks: Ace in the Hole

All Good Things Come to Those with Cheeks

Cheeks: Down in the Dumps

Anonymous said...

"Geeks for Cheeks"

Jeremy said...

Milk and Cheeks
Cheeks and Crackers
Ham and Cheeks
Grilled Cheeks

Hunter said...

"Sean of The Cheeks".

Julian said...

Cheeks: Take a Load Off

Whatchu Know About Cheeks?

Goody Two-Cheeks

Cheeks: In the Buff

Living off the Fat of the Cheeks

Let There Be Cheeks

New Cheeks on the Block

Cheeks: Point-Blank

Pound of Cheeks

Always Have Safe Cheeks

Cheeks: Seven-Year Itch

Survival of the Fittest Cheeks

Stark, Raving, Cheeks

Cheeks: The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Cheeks: The Whole Shebang

Cheeks: Thick and Thin

Cheeks: All Puckered Out

Cheeks: In It's Prime

Push it to the Cheeks

Cheeks: To Boldly Go Where No Person Has Gone Before

The Writing Is On the Cheeks

You Look As Though You Have Seen Some Cheeks!

Cheeks: You Are What You Eat <----- Hahahaha

Hunter said...

Cheeks: "Ways of the Gallows".

CartoonsDood said...

Cheekey Monkey
Just Grab them Cheeks
Warm Soft Cheeks
More Cheeks I say!
Two Cheeks are Better than One
Them Tight Cheeks
Cheeks: "What says you?"
More Cheeks please!
Tighter than a pair of Cheeks

cuban4life77 said...

Full Moon Cheeks

RAWLS said...

Cheeky Cheeks
A Slap on the Cheeks
Rosy Cheeks
Inside the Cheeks
A Kiss on the Cheeks
Half a dozen Cheeks
Pampered Cheeks
Art in the Cheeks
Cheeks loves Rawls!

Buzzregog said...

Cheeks: The Bottom Line

Rex : TrackWrex : RacEr-X : SubjectFreak said...

Glowing Cheeks
Half-moon Cheeks
Spank 'dem Cheeks
Cheeks in, Cheeks out
Love 'dem Cheeks

c said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NappyPENCILS said...

A Boy & His Cheeks

A Glass of Warm Cheeks

Button Yer Cheeks

1+1= Cheeks

To Cheeks with Love

Cheeks in a Halfshell

Mirror Mirror on the Cheeks

For your Cheeks Only

Will Work For Cheeks

Cheeks mark the spot

One Cheek Fits All

Too Smart For his Own Crack

Have Wedgie Will Travel

Between a Bum and a Hard Place

c said...

you've got cheeks!

cheeks you can believe in

cheeky, cheeky, bang!, bang!

cheeks: the other white meat

cheeks: its the thing you're sitting on

cheeks: its what's for dinner

olly olly oxen cheeks!

hide and cheeks

cheeks today, cheeks tomorrow

2010 a cheeks odyssey

cheeks! what's the matter with cheeks today

hail to the cheeks!

tragic_antihero said...

Here are a few more,

Cheeks: ain’t no sunshine

Cheeks: take a load off

Cheeks: yes, they’re kosher

Cheeks for all seasons

Cheeks: fun for all ages

Cheeks: rated E for everyone

Cheeks: fun in the sun

Cheeks: sunburns and other impressions

Cheeks: thanks for all your support

Cheeks: this does not stink

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe,

Cheeks: moonshine

Julian said...

Getting hard to tell if I'm repeating at this point. Anyway, Here goes...

Cheeks: Crushin' the Competition

Best Piece of Cheeks on the Block

Cheeks: Under Pressure

Cheeks: Ready for a Close-up

Cheeks: Lickity Split

Pulp Cheeks

Cheeks: Displensing the Pleasantries

Cheeks: You're Surrounded

Cheeks: Come and Get it

Cheeks: Doin' What it Does Best

Cheeks: Buns Intended

Cheeks: Seperation Anxiety

Cheeks: Lean and Mean

Cheeks: The 'End' is Near

Cheeks: Totally Exposed

Cheeks Exploitation

It's All in the Cheeks

Cheeks: Finger Lickin' Good

Cheeks: All Shapes and Sizes

Cheeks: Frisk Me

Cheeks: Make Way for Woopie

Cheeks: Do it 'til You're Satisfied

Much Ado about Cheeks

Cheeks: Because Anything Else is a Load of Crap

Cheeks: Anything Else is Just a Load of Crap

Cheeks: Mover and a Shaker

Nothing is Certain but Death and Cheeks

Cheeks: Below the Belt

Cheeks: Just Follow Your Nose

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks: this is a hardback

tragic_antihero said...

how about:
Cheeks' erector set

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe
Cheeks is a six letter word

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe:
Cheeks: pile it higher and deeper
Cheeks: x marks the spot
Cheeks split right down the middle
Cheeks: a dirty pretty thing
Cheeks: your pride and joy
Cheeks: squeeze, if they makes you happy
Cheeks: it takes two
Cheeks: nothin' like the real thing
Cheeks: gotta give it up (part 6)
Cheeks: vertical smile

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe,
Chicks love Cheeks

tragic_antihero said...


Cheeks: dark matter, black holes, and other mysteries of the universe

My Cheeks are better than yours

Give Cheeks a Chance

Instant Cheeks

Whatever gets you through the Cheeks

Stand by your Cheeks

People Need Cheeks

He is our Cheeks

Being Cheeks isn’t easy (but it sure is hard enough)

Cheeks: Can’t stop messin’

Cheeks: from a certain point of view

Cheeks: on the rocky road to a mud slide

tragic_antihero said...

Entry #176 (I think):

Cheeks: Full Moon Fever

tragic_antihero said...

or perhaps:

Cheeks: good vibrations and other sensations

Cheeks: anime this!

Cheeks: monkey style

Cheeks: kiss the right, squeeze the left

Cheeks: open 24 / 7

Cheeks: pop goes the 4th

Cheeks: Made in America

Cheeks: 07041974

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks and the international symbol of the donut

Cheeks and the O ring

Cheeks: Blow Hard

tragic_antihero said...

maybe a play on movie titles:

The man from Cheeks

The Cheeks who loved me

The best years of our Cheeks

The bride of Cheeks

The Bridge on the River Cheeks

Citizen Cheeks

Sean Galloway or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Cheeks

The Grapes of Cheeks

It's a wonderful Cheeks

The Magnificent Cheeks

Cheeks of Glory

Raging Cheeks

A Cheeks named desire

The Wild Cheeks

The Wizard of Cheeks

American Cheeks

Mean Cheeks

Cheeks, My Sweet

My Fair Cheeks

A Room With a Cheeks

The Silence of The Cheeks

The Sound of Cheeks

12 Angry Cheeks

Written on the Cheeks

Julian said...

Good Cheeks Are Hard to Find

Cheeks: Hot off the Press

Grade A Cheeks

Such is Cheeks

Cheeks: For Your Entertainment

Cheeks: There's Always Room for One More

Cheeks: Experience the Funk

Cheeks: All Laid Out

Cheeks: Givin' Ya the Clap

Cheek: Licked into Shape

One's Cheeks is Another's Treasure

Cheeks: Squeaky Clean

Cheeks: Now You Know Where to Stick Your Bookmark

Cheeks: Within Arms Reach

Cheeks: What More Could You Want?

Everyone is Entitled to Cheeks

Tommaso Valsecchi said...

This is not a Cheeks ArtBook

tragic_antihero said...

here's more -- many inspired by song titles:

1.Cheeks: kid tested, mother approved

2.Cheeks: live from Uranus

3.The Shadow of your Cheeks

4.You’re the reason I’m Cheeks

5.Call me, Cheeks

6.(Your Cheeks keeps lifting me) Higher & Higher

7.Cheeks: Look for the Silver Lining

8.Cheeks, I remember you.

9.I fall is Cheeks too easily.

10.Cheeks: that old feeling

11.Cheeks: All for you

12.Cheeks, my buddy

13.Cheeks, moonlight becomes you

14.Embraceable Cheeks

15.Cheeks: What’s new?

16.Let there be Cheeks

17.Let Cheeks Ring

18.The very thought of Cheeks

19.I’ve grown accustomed to your Cheeks

20.I’m a Cheeks for Rhythm

21.Boulevard of broken Cheeks

22.If I had Cheeks

23.Cheeks: Temptation

24.Cheeks: almost blue

25.Cheeks: narrow daylight

26.Cheeks: I’m coming through

27.Cheeks: I love being here with you

28.Cheeks: east of the sun (and west of the moon)

29.I’ve got you under my Cheeks

30.Cheeks: fly me to the moon

31.Cheeks: just the way you are
32.Cheeks: Besame Muncho
33.Cheeks: The night we called it a day

34.Cheeks: dancing in the dark

35.Cheeks: you’re getting to be a habit with me

36.How deep is the Cheeks

37.Only Trust your Cheeks

38.Cheeks: freshly squeezed

39.Cheeks: on the sunny side of the street

40.Cheeks: when I look in your eyes

41.Cheeks: here’s mud in your eye

42.Cheeks does it again

43.Cheeks: all through the night

44.Cheeks: anything goes

45.In the still of the Cheeks

46.I get a kick out of Cheeks

47.Cheeks: ridin’ high

48.Cheek: easy to love

49.Cheeks: you’re the top

50.Cheeks for sale

51.Cheeks: ace in the hole

52.Cheeks: just squeeze me (but don’t tease me)

53.Cheeks: lush life

54.My one and only Cheeks

55.Cheeks: aren’t you kind of glad we did?

56.Cheeks: that ain’t the half of it

57.Cheeks: you’ve got what gets me

58.Cheeks: when the sun come out

59.Cheeks: it’s only a paper moon

60.Cheeks: c’mon get happy

61.I’ve got my Cheeks to keep me warm

62.One for my baby (and one more for my Cheeks)

63.Cheeks: too marvelous for words

64.Cheeks: the dream’s on me

65.Cheeks: something’s gotta give

66.Cheeks: when the levee breaks

67.Cheeks: midnight sun

68.Cheeks: dream (when you’re feelin’ blue)

69.When a woman loves a Cheeks

70.Cheeks: ev’rything I’ve got

71.Cheeks: I could write a book

72.Cheeks: blue moon

73.(Cheeks is) the tender trap

74.Cheeks: all the way

75.Cheeks: nice and easy

76.Cheeks: defying gravity

77.Cheeks: dancing with myself

78.Cheeks: bust a move

79.Cheeks: no air

80.Don’t stop belivin’ in Cheeks

81.Cheeks: you wanted the best, you got the best

82.Cheeks: feelin’ good

83.Cheeks: try a little tenderness

84.You’ll never find another cheeks like mine

85.Crazy little thing called Cheeks

86.Cheeks: unforgettable

87.Cheeks: baubles, bangles and beads

88.Cheeks: one more try

89.Cheeks: too funky

90.Cheeks: under attack

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe,

Crossing the line with Cheeks

Cheeks, we crossed that line an hour ago

Cheeks: point break

Cheeks: the point of no return

tragic_antihero said...

or maybe,
Cheeks: Hero Complex

tragic_antihero said...


Cheeks: the deep end

Francisco Galárraga said...

"Cheek this out!"
2010 Cheek
Kinky Cheeks
Pink Cheeks
Cheek of Fortune
Cheek of Honor
Cheek of Freedom!
Dirty Cheek
Dawn of the Cheeks
Cheeks: Soft & Squishy
Cheeks: Lickable
Lucky Cheek

Julian said...

Cheeks Don't Get Much Better Than This

Cheeks: Love at First Sight

Who Left the Cheeks Out?

Cheeks: Takin' a Lickin'

Lights! Camera! Cheeks!

Consult Your Local Cheeks

Old Cheeks Close Hard

Cheeks: Your Only Source for All the Things You Care About

Cheeks, I Hand Picked Them Myself

Cheeks: Hand Picked

If Cheeks Can't Do it, No One Can

Breath of Fresh Cheeks

A Slap on the Cheeks

Let's Cut to the Cheeks

Great Minds Think About Cheeks

Cheeks: You'll Never Know What Hit You

No Cheeks, No Glory

Cheeks: Gettin' to the Bottom of Things

Cheeks: More Bang for Your Buck

Hide and Go Seek..... Cheeks!

Hide and Go Cheeks

Cheeks: Liable to Burst

Cheeks: Anyway You Want it

Heart-Warming Cheeks

Cheeks: Tender to the Touch

Cheeks: Gettin' Busy With it

All Those Cheeks and Not a Leg to Stand On

There's No Mistaking it, It's Cheeks

Cheeks: Good on the Outside, Better on the Inside

Cheeks: Come See What the Fuss is About

Cheeks: Bigger and Better

Cheeks: Watcher's Delight

Cheeks: Upon Closer Inspection

Cheeks: It's Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride

Cheeks: Runnin' on Empty

Cheeks: Close Encounters

Cheeks: Right Between the Puns

tragic_antihero said...

and some more,

Cheeks: always warm, never cold

Cheeks: a long days journey into night

Cheeks: open for business

Cheeks: the first blow is half the battle

Cheeks: for all mankind

Cheeks: grade a

Cheeks: all american

Cheeks: nothing in life is as exhilarating

Cheeks: the funny side of life

Cheeks: business as usual

Julian said...

Cheeks: Nothin' to Hide

Cheeks: Makin' All the Right Moves

Journey to the Center of Cheeks

Cheeks Shall Inherit the Earth

Cheeks Are Forever

Cheeks: Cross Examined

Cheeks: Changing with the Times

Cheeks: It's All Comin' Out

Open Up And Say Cheeks!

Cheeks: In it to Win it

Cheeks: Young and Restless

Your Own Personal Cheeks

Cheeks: Scratch and Sniff

Cheeks: Cuttin' Out All the Fat

Don't Be Alarmed, It's Only Cheeks

Cheeks: Don't Leave 'Em Hangin'

Gently Down the Cheeks...

You Can Bet on Cheeks

Keep An Eye Out for Cheeks

Cheeks: Completely Real and In Yo Face!

Cheeks: Large and In Charge!

Cheeks: Just Nosin' Around

tragic_antihero said...

A few more

Cheeks: it takes two
Cheeks: a happy pair
Cheeks: an eclipse of the sun
Cheeks: an eclipse of the moon

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks: until the bitter end
Cheeks: saturday morning spectacular

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks: destruction at its finest

Glen Southern said...

1. The Cheek of it
2. What a Cheek!
3. Cheeky!

Julian said...

Cheeks: The Smell of a Winner

Cheeks: On the Cusp of Greatness

Both Hands Are Recommended When Handling Cheeks

Cheeks: They Make a Great Pair

Cheeks: Coverin' More Ground

Let Cheeks Show You the Way

Cheeks: Just Dive Right In

Cheeks: Tryin' to Relax

Everywhere You Go, There's Cheeks

Cheeks: Takin' Crap from Nobody!

Cheeks: Takin' Crap for No One!

Get An Inside Look at Cheeks

Cheeks: Get An Inside Look

Special Delivery from Cheeks!

Cheeks: Juicy Tidbits Inside!

Cheeks: Simply Irresistible!

tragic_antihero said...

Cheeks: the deep end of nowhere

Cheeks: the other white meat

Cheeks: glory, whole

Cheeks: the sunny side of life

Cheeks: takes it all

Cheeks: so tight, you can bounce a quarter off of it

Cheeks: misadventures on Uranus

Cheeks: between you and Uranus

Cheeks: the sun even shines on Uranus

Cheeks: the sun, as seen, from Uranus

Cheeks: the moons of Uranus

Cheeks: junk in the trunk

Cheeks: the tight end always catches the ball

Cheeks: the bitter end

Cheeks: oral exam

Cheeks: tell me when it hurts.

NappyPENCILS said...

Stool Pigeon

Stool Softner

To Stool with Love

A Cheek in the Hand is worth two in the bush

tragic_antihero said...

with apologies to Milton, here are a few more titles suggestions:

Cheeks: my great taskmaster’s eye
Cheeks: “so buxom, blithe, and debonair”
Cheeks: “holding both his sides”
Cheeks: “where perhaps some beauty lies”
Cheeks: “on a sunshine holiday”
Cheeks: “sober, steadfast, and demure.”
Cheeks: “a perpetual feast of nectar’d sweets”
Cheeks: “beauty is nature’s coin”
Cheeks: “my task is smoothly done”
Cheeks: “no light, but rather darkness visible”
Cheeks: “give me liberty”
Cheeks: “things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.”
Cheeks: “what is in me is dark”
Cheeks: “no less renown’d”
Cheeks: that forbidden tree who mortals taste
Cheeks: “void of light”
Cheeks: “sonorous metal blowing martial sounds”
Cheeks: “a heaven on earth”
Cheeks: “for softness . . . and sweet attractive grace”
Cheeks: “yielded with coy submission”
Cheeks: “a wilderness of sweets”
Cheeks: “the sum of earthly bliss”
Cheeks: “the sun to me is dark”
Cheeks: “why so pale”
Cheeks: “the appetite makes eating a delight”
Cheeks: “if ever two were one”
Cheeks: “a challenge to his end”
Cheeks: “the terror and the hope”
Cheeks “a multitude of sins”
Cheeks: “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”
Cheeks: “quite properly gives us pleasure”
Cheeks: “hello darkness my old friend”
Cheeks: “as sure as the sun will shine”
Cheeks: “me want cookie”
Cheeks: “sweeter than honey”

Julian said...

Treat Yourself to Cheeks

Treat Yo'Self to Some Cheeks

Cheeks: Because You Deserve it

Certifiably Cheeks

Cheeks: When the Going Gets Rough...

With Liberty and Cheeks for All

Cheeks: If You Don't Look, Someone Else Will

Cheeks: Gettin' Better with Age

When You're Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Cheeks

You're Barkin' Up the Right Cheeks

Critical as Cheeks

Cheeks to Rule Them All

Good Cheeks Never Go Out of Style!

Cheeks: The Middle is the Best Part

In the Mood for Cheeks?

Cheeks: Out with the Old, In With the New

Cheeks: Salvation Lies Within

Cheeks: The End is Only the Beginning

Cheeks: There's no Harm in Just Lookin'

Best. Cheeks. EVER!

Cheeks in Neat Packaging

Cheeks: Makin' Ends Meet

Cheeks: Decent Exposure

Cheeks: Out for the Whole World to See

Cheeks: A Heavyweight Contender

Cheeks: Just Putting it Out There

CosmicPencil said...

Dang Cheeks, this list is insanely long, but then again I guess everyone wants your artbook (or better yet even a free one).

Not even a single idea for this one. I thought 'Cheek it out' would work, but I am lacking the s at the end.

Bah. I'll just wait until I move to Cali in January and eventually pick it up from you, you Cheeky bastard!


Doris' said...

Deliver us from Cheeksville
Cheeks: Goin' Commando
Cheeks & Circumstance

gcastro3d said...

Cheeks: You must work out?

Dom said...

Cheeks & Seats: A Touching Story

Rafael B. Urena said...

Cheeks gone wild

New cheeks smell

smell the checks

Cheeks: Explored

2010: Where no cheeks have gone before

Gotta have them cheeks

Cheeks withdrawal? No more!

Cheeks: Where no man has gone before

Colm Griffin said...

Cheeks: Assume the Position

johnathan welsh said...


Doris' said...

Cheeks: Artistic Cling

c said...

cheeks: crossing the great divide

cheeks: are you ready for this jelly?

cheeks: no, the ones on my face


cheeks: handle with care

Julian said...

Double Whopper with Cheeks

Cheeks: Open to Anyone

In Broad Cheeks

The Infamous Cheeks

Cheeks: A Simple In and Out Procedure

The Bare Necessities of Cheeks

Look What the Cheeks Dragged In

Cheeks and All the Trimmings

Cheeks: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Courtesy of Cheeks

Some Simple Cheeks Should Suffice

World Class Cheeks

Cheeks: All Flavor and Substance

Cheeks: More Bounce to the Ounce

Cheeks: Havin' A Funky Good Time

Have a Funky Good Time With Cheeks

Cheeks: Stacked in Your Favor

Turn the Cheeks in Your Favor

Custom Built from the Cheeks Up

Grand Slammin' Cheeks

Cheeks: In All the Right Proportions

Smack Dab in the Middle of Cheeks!

View More Cheeks

Take Pride in Cheeks

The Uncanny Cheeks

Julian said...

Take A Stroll Down Cheeks

c said...

cheeks: get crackin'

cheeks: crackilicious!

cheeks: its what its cracked up to be

cheeks: bottom's up!

cheeks please

jesse said...


jesse said...

I've got art comin outta my cheeks

Julian said...

The Broad Side of Cheeks

Colm Griffin said...

I figured since your new book is about following dreams and being inspired and following the artistic journey then it should be called.
CHEEKS: "it's not if you can't do it, it's if you want to do it."
thats my thought anyway