26 June 2009

Schoolism classes are now open for registration.

What's Schoolism.com?

Imagine if you had a professional to help you and look over your work! Schoolism classes not only teach you the secrets from known professionals, but you will see them draw over the top of your drawings and hear them talk about how to take your art to a whole another level!

Schoolism.com Online Art Classes are now open for registration:

The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler - starts July 24, 2009
By the end of this course, master caricaturist, Jason Seiler, will have you looking at people in a whole new way! For illustrators seeking to add high-end caricaturing to their repertoire, this course is a must!

Building a Powerful Comic Book Portfolio with Alvin Lee - starts July 31, 2009
Go through an intensive workshop with professional comic book artist Alvin Lee to create a powerful comic book portfolio. Watch and listen as Alvin draws on top of your work, explaining to you the 'DOs' and 'DON'Ts' of what makes a great comic book portfolio!

Character Design by Stephen Silver - starts September 7, 2009
Over nine lessons, Stephen will introduce you to the art of drawing, character design and the business of art. Your role will be to create major and incidental characters for animated T.V., feature films, or video game concepts!

Portfolio workshop with Sean Galloway aka Cheeks - starts November 15, 2009
Cheeks will be taking you through 9 lessons of intensive workshop to teach you the do's and dont's of what makes a great design portfolio for film, television, animation, or illustration.

Digital Painting Techniques with Bobby Chiu - starts November 1, 2009
Learn Bobby's personal techniques of how to digital paint. Watch the lessons, do the assignments and see Bobby paint on top of your paintings showing you how to improve your art!

Register at SCHOOLISM

23 June 2009

Say Wha...?

Dare I say I dare you to dare me to take this to a final? =O____O=

Sometime back, when I posted up my Marvel AP Sketchcards, several peeps asked me to go bigger with them and take these to final.

I figured Reed and Sue would be a good addition to my Marvel montage, but stay tuned for more characters that'll pop up on it here and there. :)

Well.... I'm just sayin... if you dare, then I dare...

nuff said...

Hope y'all digs!



22 June 2009

Preorders for Cheeks:UNCLENCHED is now AVAILABLE!!!!

On Wednesday I received comp copies of my new artbook, Cheeks:UNCLENCHED.

So today I went to acquire the shipping rates.

Online order info:

-1 book: $30(book)+ $8.70(shipping) = $38.70
-2 books: $60(book)+ $11.95(shipping) = $71.95

-1 book: $30(book)+ $6.97(shipping) = $36.97
-2 books: $60(book)+ $11.87(shipping) = $71.87

-1 book: $30(book)+ $14.20(shipping) = $44.20
-2 books: $60(book)+ $22.80(shipping) = $82.80

Payments can be made to cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com via paypal.

The book is scheduled to arrive by San Diego Comic-Con. Please take note that all preorders will be shipped after the con though.

For those who are just arriving to the party and wanna know more about Cheeks:UNCLENCHED please click on the link to learn more about it.

Lastly, I have EXCITING news I can't announce just yet about other things that I will be releasing at this year's Comic-Con. Stay tuned and all will be revealed!!!!

Hope y'all digs!!!

We all need quality time

Happy Father's day, dads!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love is in the air...I'm going back to my roots, trying to hook up a "story" in my pin-ups, so here's 2 I'm working on now.

21 June 2009


Hey all,

Thank you for your kind comments, notes and emails congratulating me about my new instructor position. Your interest means the world to me. As promised, I have an update about enrollment.

I'm very excited to announce that we will be opening up my online Schoolism class for registration this Friday 12am (EST) so get ready! There will only be 10 students accepted for my November class. First come, first serve basis.

This online class is a Portfolio Workshop, which means that every week you will be doing assignments, and I will be reviewing a different section of your portfolio for film, television, animation, or illustration.

Imagine if you had a professional to help you and look over every section of your portfolio! Not only will I be helping you create your own style and portfolio, but you will see me draw over the top of your drawings and hear me talk about how to strengthen them!

Stay tuned for more info this Friday!

Your pal,


19 June 2009

New Things on the Horizon...

Heya, folks!

My pal, Bobby Chiu has invited me to be part of their fam-fam over at Schoolism as an online instructor..

It's truly an honor because not only are Bobby and his crew amazing people, and yup...you guessed it..they are also PHENOMENAL artists. Well, that actually is an understatement.

So...what's the class about? I'm happy you ask. :P

I will be taking you through 9 lessons of intensive workshop to teach you the do's and don't s of what makes a great portfolio. More specifics coming soon.

Enrollment is TBD. But I can tell you now the class won't start until November 2009, so there will be time to sign up for the class.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and keep inspiring the world!

17 June 2009

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeee





Here's a lil ol' cover I did for MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES # 15. It'll be in Stores: Sep 9, 2009

Hope ya digs


I LOVE me some Avatar.

15 June 2009

Ramos/Olea and Hererra/Olea Kuta cards


3 of my favorite top 20 artists of all-time dropped the bomb on me this evening with their gorgeous Kuta cards. If there was ever an art dream team then Humberto Ramos, Francisco Herrera and Leonardo Olea would be mine.

I felt if I kept this in I'd be selfish, so I wanted to share their cards with you.

I hope you'll poop your pants like I did.



13 June 2009

Cheeks:UNCLENCHED specifics and pre-order info


Weekend going ok?

According to my schedule, my new artbook, Cheeks:Unclenched should be in my possession the 2nd or 3rd week of July.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the specifics of the book yet, but here goes if I haven't.


- 92 pages

- hardback with a wraparound cover (cover will have uv spotting, and endpapers on the insides of the covers).

- it's contents will have character designs, sequentials, pin-ups, cover work, sketches and more!

- the book will be going for $30.

Online order info:

-1 book: $30(book)+ $8.70(shipping) = $38.70
-2 books: $60(book)+ $11.95(shipping) = $71.95

-1 book: $30(book)+ $6.97(shipping) = $36.97
-2 books: $60(book)+ $11.87(shipping) = $71.87

-1 book: $30(book)+ $14.20(shipping) = $44.20
-2 books: $60(book)+ $22.80(shipping) = $82.80

Payments can be made to cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com via paypal.

The book is scheduled to arrive by San Diego Comic-Con. Please take note that all preorders will be shipped after the con though.

Here's the cover of the book:

While I'm on the topic of artbooks...I've planned out my 2010 artbook this past week.

I'll be doing something different with it. The images won't be shown online, until the book is complete. Once it is done I'll share with ya 3-5 pages and the cover. :) I think this one will be really fun because it won't have any work related stuff in it. Just gonna cut loose, and focus more on full pin-ups, and possible short stories.

Past artbooks:

Thank you, folks for asking if I have past books still available. I may at some point down the line do a reprint for both of my 2007 books "Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks"

There is a small quantity of my 2008 artbook, "Spread the Cheeks" still available.

If you'd like to order them online you can do so Here


12 June 2009

rippin it on da vinyl

Howdy, all.... sorry for the lack of posts... deadlines are KILLIN me.

I just received some photos of the Kuta vinyl progress, so I compiled all the photos together to make a pretty picture.
Now that the master vinyl is approved... we can get them mass produced and colored up all purdy-like. :P

Thank you again for all your excitement. It has made all the sweat and blood worth-while to make Kuta come to life.

Preorders are still open if anyone's interested.

01 June 2009

I'll Gladly Pay Ya on Wednesday...

Yeah... yeah...I know.. I know... it's supposed to be Tuesday, but it ain't Wimpy from Popeye sayin it, aight?! HAHAHAHA

Here's the lineart for page 2 of the Wednesday Comics project I'm doing up for DC Comics.

Big ups to my mentor Andy Kuhn.

Thank you all for your kind wishes about my back! You're all too sweet!

Hope y'all digs!

Ruff mutha flippas

i love drawing rough. it frees your mind of the technicalities to a degree.

in other news... i totally jacked up my back on Saturday. i was crossing the street,and the light was turning yellow, so to not hold up the cars I jogged the last few, remaining steps. from the last hop onto the sidewalk i pinched a nerve in my lower back. today i'm feeling it more than ever....ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope ya diggity doo drops.