22 June 2009

Preorders for Cheeks:UNCLENCHED is now AVAILABLE!!!!

On Wednesday I received comp copies of my new artbook, Cheeks:UNCLENCHED.

So today I went to acquire the shipping rates.

Online order info:

-1 book: $30(book)+ $8.70(shipping) = $38.70
-2 books: $60(book)+ $11.95(shipping) = $71.95

-1 book: $30(book)+ $6.97(shipping) = $36.97
-2 books: $60(book)+ $11.87(shipping) = $71.87

-1 book: $30(book)+ $14.20(shipping) = $44.20
-2 books: $60(book)+ $22.80(shipping) = $82.80

Payments can be made to cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com via paypal.

The book is scheduled to arrive by San Diego Comic-Con. Please take note that all preorders will be shipped after the con though.

For those who are just arriving to the party and wanna know more about Cheeks:UNCLENCHED please click on the link to learn more about it.

Lastly, I have EXCITING news I can't announce just yet about other things that I will be releasing at this year's Comic-Con. Stay tuned and all will be revealed!!!!

Hope y'all digs!!!


Tooninator said...

Hope to swing by your booth in San Diego and pick this up

Draw Monkey said...

Hey Cheeks. I was just about to order your book when I noticed something about your prices. Why is it that it's cheaper to ship to Canada then it is to ship within the US. Not that I mind, living in Ottawa. I just want to make sure the right prices are posted.

Cheers Cheeks,

Cheeks said...

Thank you, Toonimator!

HAHA thanks for looking out, Ren,
but first class to Canada was a good rate I chose (first class)

for the states it's a different rate because it's priority mail.

i hope that clears it up. :)

Draw Monkey said...

Works for me.

Can't wait to see it in my hands :D

Ev said...

SWEET! I'll be dropping by to pick up a copy at Comicon.

Draw Monkey said...

I openned a paypal accout to get your book and stuff went wishy washy so I don't know if the payement actually got to you. Would you be able to confirm that one for me please.

Thanks and sorry about the confusion.


Cheeks said...

Hi, Ren- Thank you very much for doing so to purchase one. I checked just now. I don't see it there, yet. Perhaps it needs a little more time to confirm, your information? We can check again in a few days to see if it went through, ok?

Draw Monkey said...

If it hasn't gone through come Friday, maybe send me a word at renedaigle@live.com if that's coo' with yoo'.

Cheers and thanks,