27 February 2008

Panthro revisited

Forcing the hand of streamlining my designs more. :)

Hope y'all digs!

25 February 2008

The Posse Minus Some

Welp.... We're back from the San Francisco Wondercon. Thank you all for attending our panel for Spectacular Spider-man Animated, and making it a success.

It was great meeting, and catching up with my pals, and finally getting a chance to meet new pals: David Williams, Mike Henry, and Tu-Anh.

I'm sorry if I missed any of y'all that were trying to track me down, but next year I'll put in for a table.

I hope all of you had a great time, and safe journey home!

hope y'all digs!

18 February 2008

Sketchbooks @ Wondercon

Heya, folks, and folkettes!

Thank you for your questions about if I'll have my hardback books with me while I'm at Wondercon next weekend. I will have them, but I'm only bringing 20 of each book. And to make things more fun...I didn't put in for a table this year, so I'll be tugging them along in my pull-along suitcase as I walk around. Track me down if you wanna get your mitts on them. :) There are 2 volumes, 48 pages, and they go for $25 each.

Hope to see y'all there!

13 February 2008

San Francisco Wondercon

Who's going to the San Francisco Wondercon Feb 22? If you are it'll be great to see you all there. I'll be there the whole weekend. There will be a Spider-man Animated panel taking place Saturday. Here's the info:

What: WonderCon is Northern California’s most popular comics and pop culture event.

The Q&A panel will present a behind-the-scenes look at THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN and how this animated series and long-standing franchise is being brought to life on the small screen. The first episode will be shown marking its world premiere. Also scheduled will be an autograph session following the panel (where TBD).

When: Saturday, February 23, 2008
3:00 – 4:00 PM

Who: Supervising Producer, Greg Weisman
Supervising Producer, Vic Cook
Character Designer, Sean Galloway
Voice talent, Josh Keaton
Moderator, Michael Vogel, Sony Pictures Television Animation

Hope to see you all there!!

10 February 2008

B 2 da F

Here's another jam theme with the fellas at work.

Blue Falcon is still one of my favorite cartoon characters to date.

Hope y'all digs!

09 February 2008

The answer

I think now we know why Wolvie was so upset with me. Serves me right to tamper with the lil roughhouse.

Hope y'all digs!

05 February 2008


heya, gangiliciousnesses-

Thank you for your kind words, and etc over on the Hulk post.

Here is me catchin up to the daily challenges.

Wolverine seems to be tempermental today.

Hope y'all digs!