05 February 2008


heya, gangiliciousnesses-

Thank you for your kind words, and etc over on the Hulk post.

Here is me catchin up to the daily challenges.

Wolverine seems to be tempermental today.

Hope y'all digs!


Digital Deviant Studios said...

good stuff Sean, loved the other wolvie pics too good to see another one

Ross Burt said...

This sketch is so good it makes me wanna extend you an invitation to the pants party :)

Very very cool, love his proportions, and it's about time someone cut yer signature to threads! Snikkitty snikkt!!

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Wow, you amaze me every time...great pose, nice line work- and a good sense of simple colour.

(Damn it I am so jealous!)

Tom said...

Very cool, Sean. You do a nice Wolverine. Great shapes, energy, lines, color, as usual.

I look forward to seeing more daily challenges.

Manny Mederos said...

Definately some great work!
~Manny Mederos

Carlos V. said...

loving the silouette.

arnie said...

when is he not in a "mood" nice work cheeks.

peace out

lacopol said...

hahaha!!! really good

Leonel Castellani said...

Nice Wolvie Sean. Your line work is one of the tops!

GZAPATA said...

loving the floating claws :-)

Cheeks said...

thank you, digital deviant studios!!

i don't party in those areas, ross burt. hahaha

thank you, kyri, and no need to be jealous. we're all pals here! :)

it's pretty tough, tom, but i keep trying til i get something i'm satisfied with.

thank you, Manny!

thank you, Carlos!

word up, Arnie. he's always cranky, huh? and thank you!

Leonel! you made me blush, good sir! thank you so much! i really wish i can fill a panel, and a page as beautifully as you do.

thank you, Gzapata!