18 February 2008

Sketchbooks @ Wondercon

Heya, folks, and folkettes!

Thank you for your questions about if I'll have my hardback books with me while I'm at Wondercon next weekend. I will have them, but I'm only bringing 20 of each book. And to make things more fun...I didn't put in for a table this year, so I'll be tugging them along in my pull-along suitcase as I walk around. Track me down if you wanna get your mitts on them. :) There are 2 volumes, 48 pages, and they go for $25 each.

Hope to see y'all there!


BeA said...

Had seen your gallery on deviantart! you are really great!!! i really like that you put on your blog also the non definitive sketches! You are an inspiration for me!
p.s. mine forgives bad English... XD

Sorrentino said...

Awesome! good luck at the con!
so what made you decide not to get a table! Either way hope you enjoy! Amazing work!!!

LeDidole said...

I wish I could go. But I am really living too far away ! Is there a possibility to buy it to you directly, and put the money on a paypal account or something like that? I really dig your artwork a lot!

StudioRisingStar said...

Man now I have to go!


Eric Z said...

Hi Sean,

I'd like to buy a few or your books but live in Canada. Anyway I can pay for them to get shipped? Love your work you can reach me at airickz@gmail.com


Bobby Chiu said...

See you there!

Guillaume Bianco said...

Wonderfull work...congratulation..

EL GRANDE said...

Wish I could make it. I'll have to buy one from you at San Diego instead.

Joe y Elio

Brendan Merien said...

I love your work!! So great =) my eyes say you thank you^^

Anonymous said...

Sean: Adam from Shanghai. Im in town feel free to buzz me 415-351-9484 Im heading back to China on Monday.

CCarman said...

Thanks again for stopping by and picking up copies of my buddy and I's books. Was a pleasure to chat with you a bit as well.

Can't wait for the new book this summer.

It'll be out for SDCC right?