24 November 2009

Gettin All Batty Up In Hur!

The amazing Irene Matar strikes again! But it seems like Bats has something to say about it. Pipe down, Bats or Irene may leave something out. :P Some of you may remember she hooked up my Kuta sculpt. :)

Anyhoot... Here's a W.I.P. of a piece I did for her to try her hand at for DC Comics characters. Yup, I think she much has it down. :)

Design by me.
Sculpt by Irene Matar

Hope ya digs!

14 November 2009

Kuta vinyl now available wholesale to retailers!!!

DKE Toys and I have joined forces to make Kuta available for wholesale to retailers. Any retailers interested, please feel free to contact DKE Toys at http://www.dketoys.com/

However, I am still selling the individual units myself. Ordering info can be found here: ordering info

03 November 2009


Uh, yeah... he wishes! HAHAHA Thank you all for the support and encouragement for my creating and developing Bastion's 7. Well, I hope this answers how it's coming along. I'm turning up the heat, and trying to evolve my art a bit more now. ;P

Hope y'all digs!

01 November 2009

Ghost Rider...

... he is not. :P

Here's a sneak peak of a page from my new book to give ya an idea of what you're in for.

Without further adieux, meet Flicker! Lookit him... What a tool. He thinks he's all hard and shiz sittin on his scooter awaiting to terrorize some poor, helpless person(s).

He's the leader of a new group of baddies for my Bastion's 7 story. He'll be riding the streets with his scooter gang causing havoc. Sheeeesh .... no respect I tells ya, no respect! Somebody better lay the law on these fools. ;)

Hope y'all digs!