14 November 2009

Kuta vinyl now available wholesale to retailers!!!

DKE Toys and I have joined forces to make Kuta available for wholesale to retailers. Any retailers interested, please feel free to contact DKE Toys at http://www.dketoys.com/

However, I am still selling the individual units myself. Ordering info can be found here: ordering info


Fabian said...

Wooa! Those are lots of retailers! But is very good news! :) I´ll get mi
ne for christmas!

Haylee said...

Oi! How badly I wish to have one of those bad boys. Alas, my account has been emptied from the CTN-X...Hope to see you there!

Manoj a menon said...

kuta is cool..
bastion's 7 rocks...i met tad online.. so it was your concept designs for hellboy animated ones?
wow...you rock dude.

and i saw your snap ..sitting next to " the other guy who also does comics" haha
i really liked bastion's 7..especially those vespas and lambrettas..
cool designs..
i have some hellboys onboard..feel free to


all the best sean,


Anonymous said...

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jriggity said...

Congrats Brother!!

big news....it would be a total Shame if you did'nt have your designs in toy stores all over america!!



rad sechrist said...

Hey man, I did a little sketch of this

Genevieve Tsai said...

Congratulations, Sean! What exciting news! It must be an incredible feeling to know that your Kuta figures will be available on shelves across stores all over the world! Perhaps one day we will see the entire Bastion's 7 roster up there! Keep up the awesome work! ^__^


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