29 July 2011

Ben 10 (CG made for tv movie)

My pal Vic Cook invited me on-board to design an important character for the newBen 10 (CG made for tv movie).
Being a fan of Vic and the property I couldn't pass up the chance.

Vic's body of work can be found here
You'd be surprised all the cool stuff he's worked on that we grew up on!

Below are some links if ya wanna check out some sneak peeks for the new Ben 10 (CG made for tv movie)

Ben 10 Clip on Cartoon Network/coming soon:
clip on You Tube:

Ben 10 press release:

15 July 2011

Bag it!

If you miss out on today's end of day deadline for the pre-orders of my new book Cheeks:Still Together for the free bag don't fret, lose sleep, pull hair outta your head or tear hair outta the 2 people sitting on either side of ya...


(drum roll please...)


the bags are open to the public for purchase! WOOT!  WOOT!
Bag price: $5.00 (shipping rate not included)
Ordering info: Payments can be made to cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com via paypal.
You can still get in on my new art book Cheeks:Still Together pre-orders here <--

13 July 2011

Backround check

Howdy, howdy... been awhile since I posted 2 things in one day. HAHAHA

Wanted to share with ya a Gumshoes 4 Hire background I have been working on as well as some Ryan studies. 

Hope y'all digs!

Leapfrog game

Howdy, gang.
Just got word the Leapfrog game that I did the designs for is coming out soon!  They released a promo piece I did for it, too.

The team involved really made it amazing.  We have a great art director.  Everyone is super talented and crazily nice! If you'd like to see a promo video of the game you can check it out by going here.  Once you're on the page click on the video link underneath it.

06 July 2011

A lil peep show...

...get ya head outta the gutter.... haha  :)

Here's a lil peek into some of the pages for my new art book;
Cheeks:Still Together
Pre-orders are still available until July 15th.  Don't miss out on the free Bastion's 7 bag that comes with pre-orders!

More book info and ordering details can be found here.


Below are 2 of my handout freebies for San Diego Comic Con, but if ya look closer you'll see what's to come for Gumshoes 4 Hire and Bastion's 7!  More sneak peeks coming soon!

Gumshoes background:
Bastion's 7 background:
Bastion's 7 background colors:

Hope y'all digs!