29 July 2011

Ben 10 (CG made for tv movie)

My pal Vic Cook invited me on-board to design an important character for the newBen 10 (CG made for tv movie).
Being a fan of Vic and the property I couldn't pass up the chance.

Vic's body of work can be found here
You'd be surprised all the cool stuff he's worked on that we grew up on!

Below are some links if ya wanna check out some sneak peeks for the new Ben 10 (CG made for tv movie)

Ben 10 Clip on Cartoon Network/coming soon:
clip on You Tube:

Ben 10 press release:


Unknown said...

Hey Cheeks,
I've been trying to email you. I've tried your Yahoo and Hotmail, but they get kicked right back.
I was a runner-up in the book name contest. Where can I send you my info?

Cheeks said...

Howdy unknown. :) You can send it to me yahoo account. seansgcheeks@yahoo.com

Dario Brizuela said...

So Cool!!!! Congratulations Sean!!!

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