21 June 2009


Hey all,

Thank you for your kind comments, notes and emails congratulating me about my new instructor position. Your interest means the world to me. As promised, I have an update about enrollment.

I'm very excited to announce that we will be opening up my online Schoolism class for registration this Friday 12am (EST) so get ready! There will only be 10 students accepted for my November class. First come, first serve basis.

This online class is a Portfolio Workshop, which means that every week you will be doing assignments, and I will be reviewing a different section of your portfolio for film, television, animation, or illustration.

Imagine if you had a professional to help you and look over every section of your portfolio! Not only will I be helping you create your own style and portfolio, but you will see me draw over the top of your drawings and hear me talk about how to strengthen them!

Stay tuned for more info this Friday!

Your pal,


1 comment:

Josh Frost said...

very sweet! I just hope its not to late to sign up by the time I get home from work!