04 December 2009

Black Panther and mo approved IM2 sketchcards

...gets "Cheeksified". :P

He was one slick character. Those awesome, striped gloves and boots and his full on mask done did won my heart. Man, I used to draw him quite a bit when I was younger. Since I'm on these Ironman cards, I thought it'd be nice to throw down some T'challa/Black Panther lovin. So basically this is me felling the character out before drawing him up on some cards!

Thank you, everyone for diggin the first batch of approved Ironman sketchcards cards for Upperdeck's Ironman 2 cardset.

You know how to make someone blush, that's fo sho. Here's more, if you don't mind.

Hope y'all digs!


Shaun said...

Looks good man, you really captured his feline posturing. Looking forward to seeing the final

galvinator said...

very cool!

Boris Villanyi said...

Your stuffs are always awesome man! Incredible!!

It's just a pleasure to visit your page and see your works, all the best for the future man and nice end of the year.

Bye, Boris.

Joshua Wysocki said...

we wrapped up the new black panther animated series for BET last month!

G.Encinas said...

wow! that's awesome sean!

TH3DEN said...

That black panther and those iron man sketch cards are super tight man! When are these things comin out? :D

Patri Balanovsky said...

Sean me Brother, what up?
these look fantastic. I forgot just how much ass you KICK, hehehe...
I just definitely drop by here more often. I`m missing out on all the goodies!

cheerio mate,

handmadeheroes said...

Great sequence man!


love u r work sir .keep inspiring .