18 December 2009

Dang it, Smurfs! Family is family!

I don't draw backgrounds nearly as much as I should. I loves them to death, but I have been so character driven since a few years back, that I was fiending to draw some up, so I figured, mmmhmmm....yeah....Smurfs. TONIGHT. So I wanted to get a feel of their lifestyle; "cheekified". I guess while I'm here, I have something to say before I go, "Yo, Smurfs! You better wise up and know that yous from the same fam-fam, ya yo-yos!" HAHAHA Man, I loved the Smurfs and Snorks... hecks I STILL do's! HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I won't flick 'em right in the middle of their noses if they don't wisen up. :P In other news... Uh... WOW! I think it's safe to say someone wants to win a couple of books from my 2010 artbook title contest! HAHAHA I skimmed through a few pages... and I see some really good ones. Keep 'em coming, folks!

Hope y'all be diggins!

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LaStrìa said...

no! I can't believe it! the village of the Smurfs! beautiful! here in Italy called the Smurfs "Puffi" :). What's the name of their bad man? we call Gargamella and his cat Birba!..oh!I love Birba!
I'm curious to see the finished work! it will be fantastic! Sing! "I puffi sanno che un tesoro c'è.. "