21 September 2009

Tales of Avalon pin-up

Just wrapped up my Tales of Avalon pin-up for Matteo Scalera, Alessandro Micelli and Gianluca Maconi .

Thanks for asking me to join in on the fun, guys!

This piece was done 100% on the Cintiq

Hope y'all digs!


carl said...

awesome work man! just love your shape design and the greenscale. You should do one of your vinyls in a greenscale, that would kick some serious arse.

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Jason Crawford. said...

Thats awesome - you'll have to excuse my ignorance but you did the whole design using the cintiq?
That's nuts - how do you control the steadiness of the pen?
Once again, cheers for sharing this - always a delight to see your stuff.

Jeff said...

Very cool. Lines are very clean and straight for using a Cintiq. You obviously have a steadier hand than I do. As always, love the characters and love the colors!

Fabian said...

Excellent work!I first saw it on your DA and yes i dig it! Great work as always! :)

Alessandro Micelli said...


kalonji said...

boom !! damn i love your composition of characters !! you rock !!! just loved it.

Alina Chau said...


Ryan Green said...

Nice finish!

arnie said...

ah yes the magic of cintiq.

peace out

Alrik said...

Dear Mister Cheeks,
I'm a HUGE French Fan of your works, especially on Spectacular Spider-man.
Your skills just turn me upside down!!!!
A friend of mine shows me your artbooks, signed and dedicated, above all, just to make me crazy^^

I just want to say that I will follow your blog and share this with others^^

Hope you're know that you're quite popular in France!!!!!!!!!

Best regards and as I conclude at the end of each com':
"Keep Drawin'!!!!!!!!!!!"

(Yeah, I Know, not so original...)

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!

Jason, you ain't ignorant at all. yes, i did start to finish on the cintiq. for some of the lines i had to use my full arm motion, and try and try again until i got the line i wanted.

Andre Kirk said...

Awesome stuff! Good meeting you today.
yes the Cintiq does rock. Sketchbook pro works beautifully with the cintiq and solves all the steady line problems...and at $100 you can't go wrong.