28 September 2009

The Hunt For Doc Ock Contest

I am having the darndest time finding the time to track down a Doc Ock (wave 7), of the Spectacular Spider-man Animated series.

This recently released version is what I'm looking for:

I am devoting a contest to whomever the 1st person is that can track down Doc Ock (wave 7) and be WILLING to part with it.

The prize:
The winner has the choice of winning either a my 2008 artbook Spread the Cheeks or my 2009 artbook Cheeks:UNCLENCHED artbook from me. In the book you decide on I'll draw headshots of 5 characters from the Spectacular Spider-man Animated series.

The requirements:
Proof of product. The proof of it is it has to be a photo of you holding the Doc Ock figure in it's untampered packaging. Once I declare the winner we can set up shipping details. When I receive the item, then I will send out the artbook of your choice: Spread the Cheeks or Cheeks:UNCLENCHED.

Thank you in advance, everyone!

Who's ready to hunt?!

Good luck!



Dammit have to find it first!

Jon Hart said...

haha oh jeeze i think i need one now too! j/k GL Getting your Doc!

Delanimo said...

Hey, here's a link that may interest you:


By the way, love your art style. Now, if only it was done in 3D...lol.

Nils said...

Damn... Just found... the same link before I red answers :)
I think you're right, Delanimo ! If so, congratulations !

Thanks for this occasion, Sean ! I'll be faster next time :p

Still a pleasure to follow your blog... so great work !

Folken said...

I can't play!
I already have those two artbooks ^^!
Good Luck! :)

RAWLS said...

I want one too... but where are his mechanical arms?!?

Andry said...

I'm in!

Let's hunt some Ock!

Joe Romano 2 said...

Hey Sean,
My wife just made my day and told me she order "Cheeks Uncleanched" for my Bday. I'm pumped can't wait to pick it up.
I think she got it for me so I would shut up and stop talking about it. Can't wait.
She said you checked out my site, thanks man.
Keep up the great work. I'm pumped!!!!!

Gerald de Dios said...
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Gerald de Dios said...

Wisecrack'in Spidey - http://www.cooltoyreview.com/photo.asp?image=http://www.cooltoyreview.com/2009/SSMwisecrack1.jpg&text=

Ben! Olson said...

Wave 6 JUST came out near me (Indy) so unless anyone has seen these around it'll probably be a while before we see them still. I Can't believe they did the Insulated Spidey Suit!

IronLantern2814 said...

I FOUND ONE! I JUST went to TRU yesterday and picked it up! I asked my buddy to bring in his digital camera to work so I should have a pic to you soon! Where do I send it? Do I just post it in the thread? YAY!!

Keegan said...

if only my phone camera would work properly. maybe, if time permits.

Keegan said...



I hope this works.

Keegan said...

couldn't figure out the damn image insertion. i feel like i'm back in grade school.

luvyatoo said...

Easy 2 find. They got 2 on Amazon.com, bru: