22 September 2009

Batmang and his BFF's

I am totally getting into my Cintiq. I've noticed it takes 3x's as long to work on a piece, but I gotta learn sooner or later how to become more efficient, right?

For my artwork lately I've been slipping into only roughs mode. It feels so refreshing to go that route, but man I needed to snap out of it and find a balance. I was fiending to do a polished piece. HAHAHAHA

I haven't drawn many villains EVER, so I decided to do it up with Batman's BFF's and see where it goes from there. If you can't guess their names, then here's a rollcall: Killa Crizock, Clayfizace, and Batamang.

Anywho, this piece was done 100% on my Cintiq from roughs to finishes.

Hope y'all digs!


Xav said...

Very very very good !!!

Genevieve Tsai said...

Oh maaaan, these are freakin' AWESOME!! And Killer Croc & Clayface are 2 of my fav villains from the series!

It's great you are digging the Cintiq! I don't think I can go back to a regular ol' Wacom anymore. It's almost like working on paper!

Keep on rockin'!!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Really cool work man!:o)

Fabian said...

Great work! And love your style on Killer Croc and Clayface! Great choice!
"Santa, can i have a Cintiq?"
- "NO! Work for it bitch!"
There is my answer, so its going to be little bit longer haha

Dennis Jones said...

I did traditional artwork for years, then switched over to digital and the almighty Cintiq and it really slowed me down AT FIRST, but it seems the more time you put into using it, the faster you can run with it.

Always love looking at your work.

Andrew Runion said...

It's bad @$$.

Anonymous said...

Man bro that killer crock is awesome. Nice as always.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Awesome, man. Great scale on Clayface vs Bats, too!

Alrik said...

Your clayface rocks, dude!!!!!!

Keep Drawin', man^^

CartoonsDood said...

Your stuff is cerazy awesome! What software do you use to sketch, shade, and colour your work?

Shawn Escott said...

AAAA... sweet designs!

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!

Genevieve, you're too sweet! thank you so much!

too funny, Fabian!

i'm sure you're right, Dennis. i'll keep plugging away in the meantime.

thank you, Andrew, Will and Alex, Arick, Shawn, and Cartoons Dood!

Ian Navarro said...

Great-Scott, that is AWESOME!! I am totally diggin' it!

Mike Boldt said...

First the spiderlad and now my second closest wish-to-be-my-real-life-friend Bats and co. done by Mr. Cheeks.

This is the stuff dreams are made of!

Keep rocking the cintq!

Damion009 said...

super maga awesome!

Morin said...

Ooooooh, I dig, I dig ! This is amazing ! I'd loooove if they do a new animation show with your amazing designs ... or if you have a contract to do Batman at DC !

NIDO said...

I really like your works ! I invite you to visit my blog to tell me your opininon.

Advice: you should post ur draws on PNG not JPEG, for a better quality !

NIDO , french drawer.

jriggity said...

Clayface was always one of my Favorites....you did him up Excellently!


Leonel Castellani said...

Awesome designs, as usual-

Folken said...
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Folken said...

Awesome job, as usual... ! O_o

Well, I just wanted to tell you I just started to raise a blog
( http://pure-line.blogspot.com/ )
and I put a link to your blog. Does it bother you?

Alain from France ;)

joverine said...

bada$$ !!



jamie holmes said...

I really like your take off all these comic classics!.
I'll add you to mylinks hope it's ok :)

Blass said...

wow! great art!