26 September 2009

CTN Animation Expo

If you have any other plans in November other than Thanksgiving, then it should be CTN Animation Expo. It's presented by The Creative Talent Network. What's this all about? Now how did I know you'd ask? Let me give ya the 411.

Stuart Ng of Stuart Ng Books (my secret place to get all my hard to get overseas books!) and CTN Animation Expo has invited a ton of amazing talents and myself to be part of something incredible.

What is it? Keep your pants... I'm getting to it. ;P

The scoop:
The event takes place on Nov 20-22, 2009
and it's being held in Burbank, Ca @ the Marriott Convention Center
3 days
After Hours
Rare Appearances
Industry Discussions
Live Demonstrations
Breakfast with the Pros
Recruiting and Networking
World Class Animation Talent

Need I say more?

Ok, ok you asked for it...

You can do a quick register online at www.regonline.com/ctnanimationexpo2009

My boy, Ryan Benjamin and I will be sharing a table together. Come by and talk shop if you have time from all the goodness at the show.

You can do a quick register online by going to Quick Register
You can get 10% off by using this code: GALLX09

Hope to see ya there!


joverine said...

sweet bro-congrats!
rock the pants off it will ya!


Oscar Rosales said...

Hey Cheeks! Thanks for the discount code!!!

Fabian said...

Wish i could go, but is so soon and i am too far. I love buying from StartNGbooks too. Wish you good luck with the event.

Anonymous said...

totally gonna get my networkin' groove on

Craig Phillips said...

Sounds great. Pity I live down under sometimes! Great blog btw! Wonderful work!

Amanda said...

I wish I could go!
Sounds really cool 8) Maybe next year.

Micah Lewis said...

Thanks for the discount code. I can't wait to get out there to the EXPO, plus it's my first time on the west coast. LOL! Definitely going to make the best of it. Network party time!