19 June 2009

New Things on the Horizon...

Heya, folks!

My pal, Bobby Chiu has invited me to be part of their fam-fam over at Schoolism as an online instructor..

It's truly an honor because not only are Bobby and his crew amazing people, and yup...you guessed it..they are also PHENOMENAL artists. Well, that actually is an understatement.

So...what's the class about? I'm happy you ask. :P

I will be taking you through 9 lessons of intensive workshop to teach you the do's and don't s of what makes a great portfolio. More specifics coming soon.

Enrollment is TBD. But I can tell you now the class won't start until November 2009, so there will be time to sign up for the class.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and keep inspiring the world!


Al said...


I'd like to get your artbook!!!
You didn't reply to my e-mails or my post on your page!

How can I get your artbook...?!


Psychotime said...


Chris Boyd said...

Very exciting news. Can't wait to hear more.

Draw Monkey said...


EKG! said...

congrats buddy! hope to run into you this year at the con. last year i missed your booth. must've gotten swamped by all your fans haha.

take care bud.

Nicole said...

geart job, cant wait :)

Josh Frost said...

Please send more info would love to know more about this!

Ev said...

Sweet man! Welcome to the 'ism!