02 March 2009

Who wants Happy Meals?

San Francisco Wondercon:

Just got back from San Francisco's Wondercon, and I have to say it is getting bigger and bigger every year. This year was so crazy busy! It was hard to walk around, but in a good way. It just means peeps are lovin the con and recognizing it.

Thank you, everyone for coming by the table to say hi to Christine, Ryan, and I. You all really made the con for us. If there was a time I couldn't chat with you or if it was brief, please accept my apologies. I hope to be able to connect more with ya at future cons.

Kuta Resins:

I'll be starting a journal of peeps purchasing the resin Kuta sculpts, so if you get a chance take a pic of yourself as the proud owner holding him up. These are going quicker than I had hoped, so thank, everyone for picking them up!

SSM HAPPY MEAL COVERAGE: (from my understanding, you are able to just buy the toys if you don't want the meals)


We announced at our panel the Spectacular Spider-man Animated's premier date for Disney XD channel. We will start airing on March 23, 2009 in the evening time, so please check your local listings for air time.

Season 2 will air in the summer, but until then, the rest of 3 dvd volumes for Season 1 will come out before Summer. However, sometime in the Summer, the boxset will hit a local store near you!! It'll have a ton of special features in it. Woot! Woot! I can't wait!

More toys!

In Target and Toys R Us, the 12 inch Spectacular Spider-man Animated figure is on the shelves. (I know where I'm going after I post this journal!)

Aight... again, thank you, all for coming by and saying howdy! I can't wait to kick it at future cons with ya.


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Craig said...

Ahahahah...should call them cheekymeals. Fun stuff man!!

Kurt Wood said...

I got the suction-cup Spidey from McDonalds yesterday. It looks great. The happy meal wasn't that bad either:)

chrishaley said...

I got Venom yesterday!

Forrest said...

I love Spectacular Spider-man, its the best tv show on tv. How long do you think the show will run, I just got done reading about Spectacular Spidey on IGN.com, and it said they might have it run for 10 years. I hope that will happen bacause spidey is the best.

Oh would it be ok if Victor Cook, and Greg Weisman, would let you show some season 3 characters designs. That would be cool.

Anonymous said...

Got Venom today! Its pure WIN!

Anonymous said...

those look neat. can't wait to go to mcdonalds! (That's the only reason i wanna go. the food there isn't that good.)