04 March 2009

Where'd Hanna go, Barbera?

I started this piece about 3 months ago. I wasn't feeling the way it was going at the time, so I set it aside, but after opening it up today and making some minor tweaks, I thought I'd share it with, y'all.

Here's some info about con appearances I'll be attending this year.
Here are some cons I will be attending. Come in to say hi if you get a moment. :)

Here are some cons I will be attending. Come in to say hi if you get a moment. :)

FX CON- Orlando, Fl: April 17-19

Calgary Expo- Calgary, Canada: April 25-26

Super-Con- San Jose, Ca: May 16-17

San Diego Comic-Con July 23-26

At each con I'll have:

1) my artbooks Spread the Cheeks(The art of Sean Galloway.) The books are $25 each.

2) my Kuta resin sculpt
sculpts. The resin sculpts are $100 each.

Hopefully by San Diego Comic-Con I'll have the Kuta vinyls. :)

If there are more cons I'll be attending I'll update ya as soon as I know.

I'll keep a log of the cons I'll be going to on the right hand side, underneath my profile.

Hope y'all digs!


Josh Holland said...

this is great. thanks!

Nathanael Lark said...

Great job man, thanks for posting!

Marlon Montenegro said...

A boo boo! good stuff Sean.

Darkness U.S.A said...

I don't think the ranger will mess with that yogi

Iori said...

Heeehehe nice bear ! ^_^

Pit. said...

Great Yogi! So dinamic and full of life. Love this point of view, a different Yogi´s face :)

Jim Mehsling said...

Gotta love classic Hanna Barbera. Fun to see your take on this classic character!

Haro Artist said...

yogi on steroids. Ha ha. Hey Sean, I would like to purchase a copy of your book. How do I go about doing that?

Brian S. said...

hah! cool.

Nice seeing you at wondercon, btw. i gotta get that poster framed.

Ciaran Lucas said...

Haha, sweet work dude. Classier than the average bear.

RAWLS said...

ha...that's hilarious!

Scott Jensen said...

he needs a pic-uh-nic basket! great work!

Shane said...

nice shapes Sean

Victomon said...

Awesome Yogi... Pic-a-nic-a Basket!

Gamma Rallyson said...

[looks at image]

NoNO. YOU- NO, YOU... Your awesome! Don't stop being awesome!

...DONT! XD;;

Jason Johnson said...

Haha, nice Yogi, man. :)