17 March 2009

Alter Egos

Just wrapped up coloring the alter egos. :)

And..................... let's see who can guess the one on the far right. Yeah... grumpy over there. :)

Left to right:

1) Pierre / No.2

-African/Asian, born in France.
-professional kickboxer
-preference for gender; (we're not sure... only he knows).

2) Oki /Zero

-Oki is short for Okinawa
-Japanese/Caucasian, born in San Diego, Ca
-leader of the B7 scouts

3) Jojo /No.1

-Oki's bodyguard
-2nd in charge next to Zero
-born in Taichung, Taiwan
-mother to the main character; Kai

all Bastion's 7 characters © Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

Hope y'all digs!


Dark Wizard said...

lookin ill dude

Anonymous said...

Its great to see the finshed work after seeing the prelim sketches.

Nathanael Lark said...

Outstanding, man!

RAWLS said...

Awesome! Those look great my friend!!

Gabriel Hunt said...

Alot of variation and flow, and San Diego is representing.

Sean Galloway said...

thanks, everyone!

dude... Gabe... is that you in your avatar? you've let go of grooming since being overseas, huh?! :P

arnie said...

you still got the touch...

peace out

Javier Burgos "Javas" said...

super awesome!!

C.B. Canga said...

nice job cheeks!

Oscar Martín said...

Geniales diseños como siempre!!

La sensación de que los personajes pisan el suelo,que tienen gravedad y equilibrio es sencillamente magistral.

Además de gran dibujante eres muy trabajador... :-)

TH3DEN said...

Nice, very clean :D!

Unknown said...

Your work is so awesome! Instant fan!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi mate, nice blog :) and great artwork. I discovered tracking in the wikipedia who in the hell did the desings for the spectacular spidey... just impressing :o


www.imaginajack.com <-a daily strip

Anonymous said...

Great.... as always!

Richard Gaines said...

Your characters shred as always!

Pablo Vaquero said...

you are the best, y like that you visit my blog and an opiñon of my works

Christine said...

You're such an inspiration. I love your work.

Hunter said...

That Dude is Scottie Young isn't it?