22 March 2009

B7 panel. Testing.. testing...1...2...3

Aight.... just so you all can see that I'm holding true to Bastion's 7 web thang is underway.....

...I thought I'd drop a lil preview of one of the panels. :)

I'm pulling out the stops. I used to be a perspective freak, until I started learning how to draw people. This panel was a good throwback to when I used to draw tons of buildings in hopes to be an architect. Then I realized I sucked at the mathematics part of measurements! HAHAHAHA But regardless I love drawing buildings, and I'm starting to incorporate it more in my newer pieces, and what better way than to do it in my own personal property.

For those of you not familiar with Bastion's 7 here are some pages to read up on for a quick insight: Bastion's 7 Intro; short story

Here are the gorgeous colors were done by my super-talented pal, Mike Henry AKA Zatransis.
I love Mike's palettes, so I've recruited him to help me color my backgrounds. You all are in for a treat!

My boy Dark Kenjie is hella sick with the skills. He reworked my first pass on animated panel for me. Here's the animation for it: B7 Test Panel 1

My friend, Tamer had asked if she could try her hand at animating it, too.
Here's the animation for hers: B7 Test Panel 2

Thank you all for making this panel come to life. I am forever grateful.

all Bastion's 7 characters © Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

Hope y'all dig it!


Javi García said...


Ramon Mejia Jr. said...

Awesome work! How long did it take you to do this? Did you do it in photoshop? The blurred background is a great effect that gives the pages so much depth. Can't wait to see the next pages.

Xav said...

just incredible !!! waouh!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Panels" were able to get a pass and table for San Diego Comic Con?

I ask cause EVERYTHING is filling up fast!

Josh Frost said...

I'm really liking what I am seeing! Looks great!

- Josh

RAWLS said...

Lookin good bro!

Jamie Pogue said...

Does your friend Mike (or Kenjie or Tamer) have a blog or site? I really love the combination of texture and flat color. I'm looking for a way to spice up my own illustrator/photoshop stuff because the flat color isn't exactly versatile across the kind of images I want to do.

david santos said...

Really great good games! Cool!

Cheeks said...

you all are too, kind! thank you veddy muches. :)