15 October 2006

Tailgater colored!!!

Welp, gang... I just figured out my sketchbook's title for 2007. "Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks!"

Wot's in it, duderoo?", you ask. WOT?! WOT?! You say you've seen everything so far? NOOOOOOOOOOOOT yet. There will be stuff that I've posted online, anndddddd near/on/or about 50 UNSEEN stuff going into it too. I think the page count has at least doubled since this year's "Had Cheeks, Want More?". Once I get a mock up of "Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks!" done at my printers, then I can give ya more info about cost, and pages. Can I get a hug? Ok, what about a good game? Come'on, you know ya want a good game.

Oh my! What the hay??! That MJ OWNS Spidey, and she's lettin' it be known to the world. Welp, here's a sneak peak into next year's cover for my 2007 sketchbook, "Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks!" MJ, sho ain't shy about it, is she? I don't think the ol' Webhead minds atol.

Hope y'all digs!

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