10 October 2006

Some like it real tight

Here's the final lineart for Bastion's 7 p5 n p6, folks.

Hope y'all digs!

all Bastion's 7 characters © Sean "Cheeks" Galloway


Jose Darias said...

Hey Sean , i like that mini cooper ,.. very funny man!

Carlos Ruano said...

Superb!!!! I really enjoy your making of a page. Great.

Tom said...

Awesome, now I can't wait for color as usual!

David Malan said...

It's nice to see the full process. I am still very impressed at how clean all the line work is from the beginning to the end.

Cheeks said...

thanx, gang!

dave, i go through rougher stages before what anyone sees. i don't have time to scan them. haha