24 October 2006


If I know ya cruise by and BBQ it up.

DATE: 28 October 2006
BBQ: 4pm ish until ya can't eat no mo.
Showtime 9:30 pm

Come celebrate with me my first cartoon designs ever to make it to tv.

Some of ya might like to hear the new direct to DVD animated movie, 'Hellboy:Sword Of Stones' premieres on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on the 28th of October.

If ya can't watch it on that day, then it'll be on sale February 6, 2007.

I know I'll be watchin it, and buying it.

Oy yeah, If ya like to be teased you can peep a small teaser here>>>>>


CartoonSecrets said...

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enb said...

the character designs are sick.
nice shapes-


Tom said...

Congrats on your designs making it to a finished product on the tube and DVD. I will def be checking it out. I love that Hellboy shot and the other designs I saw of yours on the production blog were excellent. Looking foward to seeing it.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Man, I missed a few awesome posts! Your work is always an inspiration!

Ross Burt said...

Your designs for this have been sweet as f**k, really looking forwards to the dvd, u cant beat a bit of hellboy!

Bryce Knudtson said...

Awesome job Sean! I always thought your characters were very animatable. I'm actually surprised this is the first time you've made it to TV. May this only be the beginning of things to come!

Jav said...

A congratulations is an order! A mighty big accomplishment, I'm sure youre on cloud 9 right now!
I wish it success.. and I will be checkin it out.... fo' sho'

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

thats great to hear!!! ill have to check it out!!!!!

Jon Diesta said...

Congrats man. A true milestone that is. I can't wait to see it!

Kevin said...

Curses no Cartooon Network here, must wait till February
Looks amazing Sean, I look forward to seeing this animated.

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!

akira said...

awesome design work! sorry the direction was so crappy

Lucas Culshaw said...

Congrats on making it to the big screen (or small depending on your T.V.) I love your stuff keep it up!