17 March 2010

You call that a knife?

Doing some gesture drawing, and I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone.

Jojo and Oki from my bastion's 7 webcomic.

Ichiban's gonna kick my booty for not coming to bed. I feel I have a valid excuse. Just so you know... I figure since you're viewing this then you're just as much in hot water as I am. :P

Before the wrath comes down on me and you...here's the clean-up I just wrapped up for my Bastion's 7 cover. Now it's on to the colors. :)

Hope y'all digs!


Caleb said...

looks amazing. How long does it usually take for you to clean up an image like that cover? You do that all on your cintiq, right? The sureness of some of those lines I would swear they were pencil on paper.

Damion009 said...

good god your style never gets old... amazing job sir

Christian Liesch said...

Wow! Looks great. Looking forward for the final :)