28 January 2010

Stop Motion is so in!

So over the weekend a pal of mine, Hwang N. asked me if I wanted to check out our bud, Justin Rasch's, pad.  I heard so much AWESOME stuff about it, and jumped to the occasion. Justin is one of those artists that will inspire you for your life and I heard his pad was the pad of all pads.... What's the kicker is his whole family is so artistic that it's insanely mind-boggling! I wasn't ready for all that, but I am so ridiculously pumped and inspired, and I didn't want to be selfish and hold it from ya.

Let's just say he turned his basement like the X-men's Danger Room. Props, J.  Props.....

Their public blog is Stop Motion Mission

So anyway... I hit up Justin and asked him to write me a synopsis about what his new stop motion film.  Below is what he had to say about.  Enjoy, gang!

{Temp Title}  The Line


After a DogOnaut and an Alien Space Flea shoot each other down in a heated Outer Space Battle, the natural born enemies find themselves marooned together on a desert planet, their ships wrecked and scattered around them. A mutually agreed on line separating two territories quickly becomes an absurdly complicated maze as the two repeatedly alter it to acquire their ship’s missing parts. Comedy, a sandstorm, and an unlikely alliance ensue, as the two adversaries try to navigate the labyrinth, repair their ships, and get back to their home planets.

No dialogue.

Donations: We also have a fund raising site we update with pics and occasional videos.....but you can see how it works....
feel free to pass it along man....the more we can raise the better., so if anyone wants contribute please do so at: http://www.indiegogo.com/LINE


 - Justin


Christophe said...

Very nice stop motion, could you please add me to the http://justinrasch.blogspot.com/ blog ?

gaohui said...

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