20 July 2009


HOWDY-DOO! Thank you, all for the kind response to the launch of the Meowr line. I wasn't sure what to expect, but by your reaction it is wonderful to know you have been curious to hear more info about it..

I received the Meowr shirts, and the Meowr recycle bags today. WHEW! Just in the nick of time for San Diego Comicon 2009. If ya haven't written down the dates the con is from July 23-July 26.

We'll be set up at booth #2544 (near the Marvel booth)

Big ups to my Ichiban for being a sport and rockin the new Meowr wear.

As of now, online purchases for the items are available.

Specifics below:


.all sizes available
.shirt brand/Bella
.swoop collar
.only comes in white
.100% cotton
.limited run

Domestic $12.00 + $5.00 for shipping= $17.00
International $12.00 + $7.00 for shipping= $19.00



.all sizes available
.shirt brand/Gildan
.only comes in white
.100% cotton
.limited run

Domestic $12.00 + $5.00 for shipping= $17.00
International $12.00 + $7.00 for shipping= $19.00


.one size
.with every purchase of the bag, $1 will go to charity.
.Charity is still TBD.

Domestic $8.00 + $5.00 for shipping= $13.00
International $8.00 + $7.00 for shipping= $15.00

Shipping for combo purchases is as listed above, unless it exceeds 5 items or more.

If you're interested please make all payment to my Paypal account: cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com

Also when making payment please specify what item you're purchasing.

Thank you, all!


Evan Ramsay said...

8-6 business days till I can make my order! Damn you paypal for being so slow on free account!

Gerald de Dios said...

Congrats - I'm sure you'll sell out!

Matias ! said...

man nice style ,i liked !

Escapist said...

Veri stylish !


bibouse said...

Hehe, so cool all that stuff. You're a business man now.
I've got a question, I preorder a Kuta vinyl 2 months ago I think, when can I expect to receive it ! Please please pleaaase tell me...

jriggity said...

Missed ya at Comicon man!

really glad all is going so Well.